Erotica Writers are Nice Girls Too

This was originally posted to HubPages. However, they unpublished it (and several other posts) because it was too adult. I have relocated the post here and you can bet I’m not really happy with HubPages today.

I Write Adult Non-Fiction and Erotica

I’ve written erotica and non-fiction adult content too. It’s not as dramatic as people want to think. The worst reaction I had was from my Mother and a sister when they found out. But, once I showed them what I was writing they mellowed out about it.

I’ve written erotica and sold it too. I also write non-fiction for adult sites. It’s an interesting market. I get ideas and experience which work well for me when I’m writing in other markets, venues and genres too.

There is a big difference in writing erotica versus plain, pure pornography. One of the differences is that porn sells a lot easier then gets passed around online without any credit to the original author. Erotica writing is better in the long run, even for making money, because anyone who wants to hire you based on what you have written, can actually find you.

Adult Content Warning for your Blog

You can easily add an adult content warning to your WordPress blog. It’s even a free plugin.

How to Know What’s Erotic and What’s Not

You can read about the distinction between erotica and pornography on any site which accepts erotica from writers. Most have drawn a line where they feel one becomes the other.

Basically, erotica has a story, there may be romance but either way it’s sensual and takes time to tell a story. There is more to the writing than intercourse. Erotica isn’t hard core. Erotica isn’t about making love necessarily, but it’s more than just a quickie. When you write erotica there’s foreplay and a story to go along with the quickie.

Adult Writing Prompts

I like Writing for Adult Blogs

I began writing on the adult side ten years ago when I wrote for Adult BackWash. That site is now gone. But, for me, it all started when BackWash needed more writers for the adult side of the site. It was the side of the site where the writers got to write anything, within reason (but there were very few limits imposed). Plus, it was red. I love the colour red. So I wrote a regular adult column which I called Bait and Switch. It was fun. Most of the time.

There were times when I really didn’t feel like reviewing adult sites to add to the links. Or there were times I didn’t have anything new to say. But, that happens no matter what genre you write.

The difference with adult content is that you have the frigid versus hooker issue. People expect women writing adult content are pretty free and wild and having sex at least once every day/ night. (Men feel this way more than women readers, but most of your readers are men). If you aren’t busy with boyfriends, toys, and more, you can feel you have nothing to write about. But, you’re wrong. You can be a nice, good girl type and still write about romance, dating, intimacy and issues with all three of them.

Any woman can write erotica. It’s about your attitude more than your experience, or lack of it.

If I Was A Prostitute

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Tuesday May 25, 2004  

The question of the night is… What am I doing here?

Me, the good girl. Yes, I know you’ve heard that before. But now add to that the daughter of the deceased. When is it ok to start writing erotica again after a death in the family? Do they have a Miss Manners Guide for bad girls? Or even for good girls who like to play with the bad girls? Or just my own personal Miss Manners Guide to my own personal life since no one else seems to be looking for the same polite rules of conduct I’m looking for. I’m an oddity. I’ve heard it before.

Gracie and Big Blonde have a past. They were (are) professional women. Not lawyers, doctors or that sort of thing. Though, who knows what they might start next week?!

But, me, I’m a dud. I know… here you thought I could teach your old dog a few new tricks and you read about my wicked ideas and had such high hopes. Let me crush those for you now. I could be a born again virgin. I think I will just give up on the whole thing. I’m getting too old. Besides, I am very well self taught when it comes to pleasing women, one woman anyway.

Is there some point when a man just gets in the way?

I think that must be the reverse of prostitution or being a hooker, whore, etc. I won’t even type the nastier ones. If you are being paid to please a man you can’t start off by thinking he is in the way, can you? Not very good customer service. Even I know that just as a cashier and I only have to count their change. If I prefer I don’t even have to physically touch them. I do prefer it that way actually. Do you know how gross some people really are, up close? ICK! It’s enough just taking their money.

If I was a prostitute I would make them all wear full body condoms. I don’t even want one curly little hair escaping. Yes, suffocation is a danger, but not for me! He can take the risk. If he really seems to be suffering I’ll poke an air hole somewhere. I’m not completely mean.

If I was a prostitute I would always be the Domme. No way could I submit to some guy I’ve just met. Most of them are drooling idiots anyway. How can you submit to someone you’re laughing at on the inside?

If I was a prostitute I would demand references from their last three lovers, up front. I don’t want someone fumbling around pretending they have a clue. If I have to show them where my clit is they might as well just play with themselves awhile and then get out. Would they know the difference? I think not.

But, I’m not a prostitute. I’m not about to become one though the money would come in handy. I don’t think I can become dettached enough. Plus it should all be about me, pleasing me, how good I feel, etc. If it becomes about pleasing some dickhead of a guy… that’s just gross. What’s in it for me? Me! Me! Me!

Maybe that’s the difference between a nice girl and a bad girl. Nice girls always finish last. If at all. No wonder I don’t fit in.

Now if only Martha would return my calls about the whole erotica writing/ good manners thing.

Give a man a free hand, and he’ll try to run it all over you. – Mae West