Handsome Face for the Weekend: The Dudesons




The Dudesons are a group of friends from Finland who play pranks, make TV shows and YouTube videos about them and act like boys having a lot of fun.

Jarno, Jukka, HP and Jarppi are the Dudesons on Twitter.

I like the videos and I’ve watched the TV shows too. It’s men behaving like men, having fun. No wonder women like them. Men are sexy when they’re being men, or boyish. But… I wouldn’t want to deal with a guy like that full time, every day.

A summary of Dudeson pranks, challenges and stunts is showing on NetFlix (in Canada) now. Some of it I had seen from the TV show a year or more ago. Sadly, one of the best stunts didn’t make the cut for the movie. But, you can find more of their videos on the YouTube link.


Image from Tumblr

Women are not Tomboys

Stuff like this bugs me!

Why give credit to males for something like this? Any girl or woman can be into sports and enjoy things which are cool (outside, far outside, from cosmetics, beauty routines and all that so called girlie stuff).

Why do we still have that tomboy attitude when it comes to women?

It’s really strange now that we are so accepting of transgenderism that we still expect women/ girls to be girly and call them something else if they’re not.

Not a tomboy, just ungirly.

Source: 20 Signs Being Girly Is Not Your Thing

FemDom Fashion

The expected FemDom attire is silly. In this photo that leather neck brace and those boots must not be at all comfortable. I’d only wear stuff like that if someone paid me too. Paid in advance!

Fetish wear for women is too often a male fantasy. What would a woman wear, by her own choice? How do women Doms see themselves? If they took out all the male perspective how would Dom women dress?

I wouldn’t wear this. Though I like the idea of the long gloves, even those would be more for theatre, performance art.

There’s something innocent, but also something pure about vintage Femdom pictures. Back in those days being submissive actually meant something. You had to go to a sexshop to buy these magazines and you’d go over the stories and pictures again and again. There weren’t that many professional Mistresses around in those days, so finding and visiting them was a big deal. The…

Source: Vintage Femdom – Femdom Times