Lightly Wicked

There is a side, well more like a facet really as sides seems so limited in number, anyway, there is a facet to me which I don’t talk about much in this blog. I used to talk about it more often. But, I haven’t had anything new to say. Not the Witch stuff but the kinky stuff. Yes, the ever naughty sounding BDSM. If you have to ask what the initials mean, go ask your Mother. Ask her anyway, just to see what she says. My Mother would give me that kind of disappointed look and wonder how I can be so old fashioned on one hand and yet like something which to her is so alien and just, bad, for lack of a better or shorter word. A lot of people think BDSM is bad, just wicked, evil stuff for yet more of the devil worshipers who are all going to hell anyway. Sometimes it really is convenient not to believe in hell.

Having blabbed all that. Mainly just to give you some space before pulling out the big guns… I have met someone who actually is interesting. Yes, I’ve said that a time or twelve. But this time it isn’t someone who replied to my ad, penis in hand (often literally I think). I replied to his ad. So we have not met face to face yet. This weekend he has plans to be sledding with friends so it won’t happen right away. We met because he is looking for someone who likes kinkiness. He isn’t looking for a relationship and that is fine with me. I don’t really want anything so serious and heavy. I don’t want to make promises or be expected to use the big L word any time soon. I’m kind of fed up with the dating plan.

So I will just enjoy a man. I don’t know if I have ever done that, not since my husband when things were still pretty new between us. Before immigration, jobs and other stuff complicated things.

I don’t know how many women have ever dominated a man. In any kind of way, not just a sensual way. It is a LOT of fun. I’m not some butchy, demoness, bitch type. People usually describe me as sweet and nice and all that other stuff. I like being that way, not so much what it does for my reputation but I’d rather be nice than the other option. But, when it comes to dominating a man in this way, you really do have to try it, at least once in your life. There is such a power in it. Such a thrill and a charge of energy in leading him around and having him behave at the end of your stick. Not that I am into anything harsh or messy in a yucky way. Water and oils are about the only liquid substance involved.

Of course it helps a lot that I’ve seen a photo of him and he is lovely looking, a kind, nice face and tall. He even says he is kind of shy. That just works along so well with my wicked, evil plans.

Anyway, I am undecided about how much to post here. Not everyone wants to read about sensuality and wickedness, even if it is fun. Still, this is my blog and I do think women would really enjoy this if they weren’t set against it just because their Mother’s told them it was bad, disgusting, and downright yucky.

I will say that it is not about sex itself. I think people who spurn it on principle imagine orgies and whips and a lot of really casual sex. It isn’t that unless the people involved do all of that. Mostly it is about foreplay, for some it is lifestyle as they live it rather than think of it as something they do leading to sex. I’m somewhere in there. I don’t plan to have sex with someone I have just met on a first date but I may make him squirm a little. Just for fun, for the power of being able to do so if I choose to be wicked.

Looking for a Virgin…?

Found on Craigslist:

Are you shy / inexperienced / have low self-esteem? – 27

Looking for a girl that is shy, inexperienced, and has low self-esteem.
I will help you build your confidence, and get experience, one step at a time.
We’ll take it step-by-step, at the pace that makes YOU feel comfortable.

At first, we’ll just work on making you feel comfortable around a guy (me), and in public. Then once you are ready, we’ll move onto building sexual experience. I’ll let you explore my body, I’ll let you ask me questions, and I’ll let you play with me. At first you can stay dressed, and you can see me naked. Then once you’ll be fine with it, I’ll undress you slowly, so that you will get comfortable with the idea of a guy undressing you. You will probably shake and tremble at first, but then you’ll slowly get to love the feeling! I’ll kiss your body all over, so that your tensions will ease, and you will start feeling warm and aroused inside. And we will go as far as you are prepared to go!

I’ll show you how valuable you really are!
In the end you will be totally confident about yourself, and will have gained enough experience so that you will not be afraid of guys, and what people will think or say about you!

I am looking for one girl only, so please do describe yourself in your response, so that I could pick the one who will benefit the most!!!

If you include a picture, that’s even better. However, since you are shy, and you have low self-esteem, you will probably not be comfortable with including your picture.

About me: I’m 27, white, handsome, athletic, understanding, passionate, educated, funny, independent, and intelligent. I’m clean, I maintain a good hygene, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I don’t do drugs.

You will NOT be disappointed! Making you feel comfortable, and helping you learn appreciate yourself is my goal!

Likely not a good idea to reply to this ad. I lost my virginity with a guy I new a long time and later married. I know that sounds old fashioned, maybe too old fashioned and spinsterly. But, it was a special event in my life, and it is still one of my best memories from the time I had with my exhusband. A girl shouldn’t give that away to someone who just wants to hunt cherries. What happens to her once he has popped it? Maybe he just cut and pastes the same ad back on Craigslist and waits for a fish to bite.