Kinky Bug Sex

Why do we like sex with giant/ alien insect creatures? It’s a fetish which usually involves being forced too. Is that part of it? Being desired sexually by someone (or thing) and having our better judgment suspended? So much of kinkiness is about what is and is not taboo for our culture. Something which breaks our acceptable standards must be labeled kinky, or a fetish, because it’s abnormal even wrong.

We do need standards for behaviour in our culture. We need laws and codes of conduct and protocol to guide us and avoid chaos. But, in our imaginations we can be as weird and unacceptable as we choose. The problem arises when imagination becomes reality. People question the lines drawn and standards and rules are sometimes changed. For better, or for worse?

Anyway, I do like kinky bug sex. Analyzing why spoils it. Like holding it up to a light and making it seem something I have to be responsible for, answer for. But, it’s all in my imagination. I don’t take kinky bug sex ideas into reality. I do like seeing illustrations from others however. I do like kinky bug sex in movie scenes and written erotica. But, these are things I enjoy in the privacy of my own computer.

I have never tried anything with a real insect. That would be too weird and very unsatisfactory as an experience. Reality has too many limits to enjoy kinky bug sex. The fantasy is only limited by imagination and my own moral standards.

Source: Naked Lunch / B2 / bug style / Japan

Wild and Kinky Bug Sex

Originally posted at Adult BackWash: Sunday April 11, 2004  

One unusual thing that does make me kind of hot is… bug sex.

Yeah, I bet you’re laughing now. But, really, bugs are very kinky creatures. Bugs have been kinky since before it was a fashion statement. Bugs don’t even care if it’s fashionable, socially acceptable or gets them off. Well, not in that way exactly. I mean to a bug getting off isn’t about orgasm so much as it’s about having a good meal.

Bugs get away with extreme kinkiness. They eat their lovers, it’s pretty routine for them. They think nothing of a little boyfriend after a good screw. For those who think smoking after sex is bad… HAH! Try ripping off your lovers head and see who’s really bad!

Plus, bugs wear all that kinky armour. You thought leather and rubber were tough, you haven’t seen tough until you wear armour plating to bed. No wonder bugs have so many kinky positions. No one wants to poke an eye out and miss the main event.

Bugs have all kinds of sexual perversions. From where they lay those eggs to how long they can stay at ‘it’, bugs are pretty unique. Think about it… they may exist a short time but they pack a lot of sex into that time. Bugs really are the sluts of the animal world.

I was going to write about a woman who spreads peanut butter on her personal areas and gets her dog to lick it off. But, that is so tame compared to bug sex. Who would be impressed by a pussy licking dog compared to lovers who have sex for four days, then she eats him and uses a passing pedestrian to…

Oh well, you get the idea. Bug sex is hot!