What’s in a Name for Sex Writers?

Of course I use a pen-name with this blog. I don’t feel the need to change that. Any time I do consider using my name I remember the feeling of having someone recognize in public and expect me to be who they thought I was. This blog is personal but it is not everything I am. I’m a quiet person, not so much private, but quiet. I don’t enjoy talking about sex and focusing on sex exclusively. I am interested in so much beyond what you read here. But, this is what it is and where it is. It’s a limited edition, literally.

Should you use an erotica pen-name? Or should you create a new writing persona for your erotica?

Source: Erotica pen-names; should you lie to your readers?

Blog Slow Down Due to Plugin Madness

I tried a plugin which would have been nice as an idea, responsive images. However, some how I know have a lot of broken images. The plugin (or something else, to be fair) changed all the names of my image files inside the posts. So the image I have is not the one actually in the post. This is going to take some time to clean up.

Let that be a lesson to me…

Not that it will. I have too much fun plugin shopping.