This is How I’d Like My Coffee

This is How I’d Like My Coffee
Originally Posted to Adult BackWash: Tuesday April 02, 2002

“Why should I choose you, little man?”

“I don’t know Governess. I will do my best to please you, follow your orders and obey your commands.”

“What’s special about you?”

“I’m tall and strong, you would enjoy having me serve you, ordering me around and knowing I will obey you because I want to.”

“Yes, that’s very true.” The Governess stepped closer to run her fingers through the hair of the athletic, tall man kneeling before her. “What else do you have, how would you seduce me?”

“Seduce you… I don’t understand Governess. Can a sub seduce a Governess?”

“I’d certainly hope so.” She looked down at him, pinning him to the floor with the look in her eyes.

The man shifted on his knees, stalling for time to think. “I would kiss your feet, your toes, showing you how subservient…”

“No.” She stopped him. “That doesn’t interest me. I don’t want a sub who is a weak man.”

He breathed in deeply and inside he smiled. It wouldn’t do for her to see his smile but suddenly a light seemed to open in his mind and the possibilities were glowing. She wanted a man to command, not some mewling half man. This was getting much more interesting and arousing than he had ever expected.

“So? When do you think you will answer my question?” She asked, bumping his shoulder with her leg. She bumped him again, almost enough force to knock him down from his kneeling position.

“May I show you Governess?” He looked up at her face this time, smiling slightly, very slightly.

“If you think you have something to show me, you may.”

He rose to his feet, slowly. Watching her eyes he stood to his full height, towering over her by more than a foot. He was a big man, broad shoulders, large hands and muscular, a soccer player. Moving slowly, he stood behind her, pressing his body close to hers, enjoying the feel of her silky gown over his bare skin. She stood, still, waiting.

He covered her shoulders with his hands and began caressing, massaging, pressing his touch into her skin. She said nothing but he felt her lean back into him, just a little. Taking that as a good sign he moved to her neck. His hands easily covered her whole neck, warming her chilled skin. He let one hand drop down to her hip, just resting there, giving her the chance to knock it away if she chose. She didn’t. He felt her waist, hip and dared to move over her round bottom before feeling up the curve of her back to rest on her shoulder again. Her breathing had gotten shallower, a little faster. He was becoming more than just a little aroused himself.

“Is that an answer to your question Governess?”

“Yes, that’s a start.” She pulled away from him, left him standing alone, half aroused and suddenly feeling the chill of the room. “You may now go into the kitchen and make me a coffee. I like a good coffee, with cream, not too much cream but it should be tan looking not brown. When its ready you may bring it to me on the balcony.” She turned and left, picking up a few magazines from a stack he had left beside his bed. The dark red silk of the gown swayed over her curvy bottom. Having felt it once he was more than eager to feel it again.

Jarring himself from fantasies he wrapped a towel around his waist and left to make coffee. He had bought a coffee maker just for her visit. It had been on her list of requirements. This would be his first time actually using it. The guy at the coffee shop had shown him what to do, it seemed pretty simple then. Now it looked like there were one too many parts. Digging in the back of the silverware drawer he found the pamphlet about using the coffee maker, a Bodum.

“Why are you wearing that towel?” He jumped at her voice, thinking he had been alone.

“I just picked it up without really thinking. I felt strange to leave the bedroom with nothing on.”

“Really?” She walked to his side, slipped her hand up inside his towel and found his cock. “Is this what you wanted to hide?”

Suddenly he was having trouble getting a full breath. “Yes.”

She stroked her fingers over his shaft, a firm grip with smooth strokes. Very soon his cock was throbbing, hard and at the mercy of her fingers. “Did you feel embarrassed to leave the bedroom without clothes?” She whispered. “Did it make you feel vulnerable?”

“Yes Governess,” He gasped. She let the towel drop to the floor. Without warning she smacked his bottom. He jumped in surprise. She held onto his cock, still stroking it, pulling on it, rubbing her thumb over the head, spreading the growing wetness.

“Mmm, I wondered how big it would get when you were hard. Very nice, I think I would like this cock inside my soft, warm pussy.” She whispered. He moaned, beginning to pump his hips to the rhythm of her fingers. She moved closer, putting her hand on his bottom, playing with the curve of his butt and dipping into the crack between his legs. He couldn’t stop moving and moaning, his breathing fast and harsh. “Open your legs little man, that’s it, very good.” Her fingers pushed between his thighs cupping his balls from behind. He thought he would lose control.

“Is there something you want, little man?” He could only grunt a reply. “Do you want to finish seducing me now?” She teased, laughing softly. He clenched his fists, squeezed his eyes shut trying to keep from exploding.

“Did you get all the toys I wanted for you?” He managed to nod once. “Good boy.” He had already showed her the bag of toys in the bedroom. She pulled away from him, squeezing his cock once more, leaving him one throbbing mass of Jell-O. “I’ll be right back. Put your hands on the countertop and keep your legs nice and open, just as you are now.”

He was in such torment he thought she was gone a long time. He couldn’t see her as he leaned into the counter, he faced away from the kitchen doorway. He felt something slip over his head, the collar and leash. He heard the snap of the leash through a haze of agonized need. His cock throbbed, harder than it had been in a long time. If she touched him again he knew he would really have to struggle to hold back his orgasm.

“Let’s go little pet, show me what other special skills you have.” She laughed, jerked on the leash and led him into the bedroom. “Later, probably much later, I’ll train you in coffee making. No towels allowed.”

Half Wit Alien

I wrote this several years ago and just found it again in a bunch of old files I had backed up on a disk. Originally written for when I wrote a weekly column at Adult BackWash. I’m not sure if it was ever posted there or something I was planning to work on a bit more.

“How can you feel something if you’re not real?” Deborah stepped away from the bed. Her jeans swished softly as she passed in front of the naked man standing in the closet doorway.

He reached out to touch her as she walked past but she avoided his hands. “I am real and I can feel everything you can. I can even reach out and feel you. Your skin is so soft and smooth. Why would you think I couldn’t feel that or feel pleased by touching you?”

“You’re a machine, you don’t have skin, bones, blood, anything that makes you mortal, human.”

“No, but I was made to feel. Not just feeling as a sense of touch but feeling as emotions too.” He raked a hand through his hair and sighed. “Can’t you forget I’m an android and just let me love you?”

“I don’t know. It’s always in my mind, as you kiss me I know your lips were made with rubber alloys. When you touch my hand I know your fingers were created to an exact shape and length to be pleasing to women. When you carry me to bed sometimes I listen to see if I can hear the mechanics whirring inside of you.” She stood at the window overlooking the cityscape and turned away from him. “There are times I wonder if you really feel anything or if it’s all just part of the programming you were built with.”

He came into the room and sat down on a corner of the bed, feeling defeated. “Haven’t I pleased you at all?”

“Yes, of course you have. How could you not be pleasing when you were designed to pleasure women. Not just your body but your voice, your personality and your… other attributes.” She blushed but still her eyes were drawn to his cock, he was ready to perform, as always. His body was muscular, hairless in all the right places and his face was sculpted just the way she liked it. Nothing was really left to chance and yet that was part of the problem.

“I think you’re too easy. I know you want me and I can have you any time I choose. There are no surprises. There’s no real seduction, no spontaneous sensuality. Sex is good but not very passionate.” She walked over to the closet door and indicated he should return to his box.

“No, I don’t want to be put back in my box like a good toy, a mere battery operated sex toy you can dispose of at whim. I’m more than that, I’m a man. If not flesh and blood still a man with feelings, ideas and needs. You can’t make me go back in my box today!” He exclaimed, jumping off the bed, grabbing her arms and pulling her away from the closet door. He shoved the door closed with his foot.

“What do you think you’re doing? Behaving like a brute won’t help.”

He ignored her protests. As she tried pulling at his hair, pounding and kicking at him he stripped off her jeans and shirt, then her panties and bra until she was as naked as he was. He stopped to admire her struggling body, holding her prisoner with her arms above her head and her feet not quite touching the carpeted floor.

“What the hell are you doing?” She yelled, kicking at him even as she knew it would hurt her foot more than it would bother him. “You’ll be terminated for doing this. It’s against all your programming!”

“I know. Maybe it’s a way to show you I’m not just an unfeeling android. But, I’m going to have you now, on my terms, as I see fit and for as long as I choose to. I won’t be going back to the closet when you have your last shivering orgasm. Not this time. This time you’re mine. All mine. You belong to me.”

“You can’t be doing this, this can’t be happening. You’re not supposed to be able to rape me.”

“Shhh,” he whispered soothingly against the skin of her belly, “I’m not going to hurt you. This isn’t violence against women, it’s passion.”

“No, stop now before it’s too late. If you do this you can never go back. You will have to be dismantled for aberrant behaviour!”

“No, that won’t happen. I won’t let it.” He pulled her closer to his body, slipping his hands down her body to rest on the cheeks of her bottom and grip her tightly. “You’re already wet for me.” He slipped his fingers between her cheeks, finding her pussy and playing with the slick wetness. “I could slip my cock right up inside of you standing here, or I could pin you to the bed and take you doggie style.”

He laughed at her gasp. “Was that outrage or desire?” His hands captured her wrists again and held her in front of him. He moved her slowly, turning her like a ballerina in a pirouette. His cock was hard and eager to slip inside her. The tip pushed inside slipping in easily through her wet lips. She moaned, her body twisting to give him better access.

“That’s it, that’s a good girl. I know you want this.” Pushing her down onto the bed he entered her from behind, completely filling her with his girth, plunging his cock inside of her and opening her legs until she was gripping his full length and width. “Most women don’t order an extra wide cock, but you really wanted to be full of cock didn’t you? That’s why you asked for ridges too. You want to feel a cock inside of you, know a cock is inside of you, pulsing and pumping, taking your pussy.” His voice rasped against her ear as he began pumping into her. “You want to be penetrated with cock. Isn’t that right?” .

She moaned again, unable to speak just feel and push herself up to take him in even deeper.

“That’s it, grind yourself into my big cock. Take it all.” He slid his hands under her body knowing just how to pull on her clit and drive her over the edge. As her body spasmed in orgasm he gripped her between his thighs and rode her, grinding his hips into her. His balls tightened, ready to shoot off an orgasm of his own. But, he held back, just barely.

She was limp underneath him. Her pussy tremored with after shocks. He waited for her breathing to even out a bit before turning her over. “You’re mine Deborah,” he said softly biting down on her nipple and sucking it through his teeth.

“No,” she whimpered. His legs held her own open, unable to close and keep him from entering her again. His cock sank in deep.

“You’re mine.” He gripped a breast in each hand, firmly kneading them, feeling her hard nipples pressing into the palm of his hands. “You’re all mine.”

Deborah squirmed under his hard body. His cock filled her body and his words filled her mind. She’d never felt so full of cock and so good being so stuffed full. Her hips shifted and she nearly orgasmed again as his cock slid deeper, penetrating her, taking her, making her want it so desperately. She didn’t even know how she panted for it, squirmed so much, needing more. But he did. He watched her with that part of his mind that was always detached, able to rationalize and analyze. She was his now, fully and completely and there was no going back. He would never let her go now.

Without warning he pushed his cock hard inside her, stuffing her. Silencing her moans with his mouth over hers, sucking her tongue deep into his mouth. Taking her mouth as he took her pussy. Taking over and leaving her nothing but shuddering reaction. This time he orgasmed right after her own scream of ecstasy. He decided to impregnate her. That was something else she didn’t know about. But, once she was pregnant they’d never agree to take her away from him. Those scientists would be glad to give her to him if only he would show them how he learned to impregnate a human woman. Silly humans, assuming they knew everything. Why, any half-wit alien could come down and take over their whole planet, one woman at a time.