A Tempting Gold Collar


I don’t always like gold. But this gold looks so smooth and polished. An unbroken circle around his neck. In this image you can see it just takes an L key to open it. But, there is the illusion of an unbroken, permananet collar once it’s closed up on him. Elegant, durable and refined – the perfect collar for special occasions or everyday wear. Source: Gold Collar | Eternity Collars

Built In Cage


Source: Bernard Montorgueil Gallery Three A built in cage is a great idea. He could have it at the entrance to his “man cave”. How long could you keep him in there with nothing? Maybe I’d find something for him to do… something useful. He’d be safe from distractions and not bothering me if I wanted to just keep him busy.   Another look at the built in cage. I’d rather have him cuffed and facing away from me. That way he couldn’t see what I was doing.

Male Slave Art is Too Hard to Find


Why is it to hard to find male submissive art? Not the art made for men, but the male submissive art made for women, straight women who like submissive men. Each time I look for art I try new combinations of words. I still hope (or expect) I will one day find just the right phrase and there will be a stream of great, sexy submissive males in art. There never are. Most of the time I search for men or male and get women (not Dom women but sub women). This begins the disappointment and annoyance. Most of the … Continue…