The Male Robot Dating Dream

How will it really be when humans and robots live together? I’d like to date a robot man but I think it’s not for all the best reasons. Also, I imagine an idealized version of the male robot. It could all be a pipe dream.

human-vs-robot-10 human-vs-robot-12

The Challenge to be Gay for a Year

Gay for a Year ChallengeThis came up on Facebook today. A few people, other than myself, were just left wondering. Not quite understanding the point.

I remember when the gay issue began. After AIDs wasn’t so much of a scare people began to think differently about homosexuality. It’s grown a lot since then, had celebrity support and continues as a growing trend, a fashion in some sense. In the media, TV shows especially, it does seem like a choice, a fashion accessory, to me. But, that’s not what I wanted to get into at the moment.

For everyone at that time it became a question. Am I gay? How do I know I’m not gay? How do I know if I am gay? What does it mean to be gay and what does it mean to be straight? Even before it evolved into subcategories like queer and bisexual and so on, people were asking questions and trying to understand. People were making choices.

Most people decided then, one way or another. Decisions were made, questioned and remade or confirmed. So, in answer to this question about being gay for a year… It’s based on propaganda. Obviously gay is a choice because people do decide one way or the other already, it has become part of growing up and becoming sexual. We aren’t born as sexual beings, we begin as babies. It’s (supposedly) taboo if not illegal to make children a part of something sexual. So, sexuality is a choice later in life. But, it is a choice, something to be considered and decided.

Sexuality is a choice. I made mine, after consideration. To make a different choice now would only prove that it is a choice.

It would be simple for me to choose to be gay for a year. I’m not sexual with anyone but myself these days. So gay or straight isn’t all that relevant between me, myself and I. I choose who or what I want to have sex with, right now that’s just myself. The sex is good when I want it.

Found a Good Post About Fetish Fashion

This is two paragraphs snipped from the original post. It was a good post, quite a bit of history and some new things to learn more about.

High-heeled shoes, so-called “kinky” boots, corsets, lingerie, and garments made of leather or rubber are among the most common clothing fetishes. Sometimes individual clothing fetishes are combined; thus, a black leather corset might be worn with high-heeled boots and long rubber gloves. Fetishes are associated with particular sexual fantasies. Or as Stoller put it: “A fetish is a story masquerading as an object.” In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, fetish clothing was utilized in secret sexual scenarios; for example, in brothels or the staging of pornographic imagery. Since the 1970s, however, clothing fetishes have played an increasingly important role in fashion and popular culture. As early as the 1960s, the television program The Avengers featured a character, Mrs. Peel, who wore a black leather catsuit that was modeled on an authentic fetish costume. Mrs. Peel’s costume was a precursor of Michelle Pfeiffer’s latex catsuit and mask in the film Batman Returns.

Fetishism moved from the sexual underground into mainstream popular culture via subcultural groups such as punks and leathermen. A youth subculture associated with bands like the Sex Pistols, the punks appropriated fetish clothing as part of their own “style in revolt.” The fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, herself a punk, opened a shop in London called Sex, where she sold bondage trousers, rubber stockings, corsets, and extreme shoes to a clientele divided between real fetishists and young people attracted by the idea of breaking taboos. Westwood herself wore “total S&M as fashion” in the early 1970s, not just in private or at clubs, but on the street, as a way of subverting accepted social values.

Love to Know: Fetish Fashion

If at First…

I had a note from a man on Fetlife. I sent a reply, no thanks. He wrote back with this. (I didn’t send my reply. I just thought it). This was a man who used a version of “Born to be a Master” as his name on the site. Far from the first time I’ve had a “Dom” ask to submit but every time it just reminds me how damned phony they are, especially on dating sites.