Little Man as a Pussy Scratcher


This is a fetish, a weird fetish. It just seems even weirder seeing it illustrated. But, there is something about a little, miniature man… I don’t quite know why or really how it works. Some fetishes are like that. Of course, this one will always just be a fantasy and that’s probably a good thing.

Adult Text Emoticons


Not a very diverse collection. This is the third I’ve found. Likely there are more adult, erotic, sex related emoticons around. There are people with too much time (and other stuff) on their hands. Source: Adult text emoticons & symbols ?? ? ?? | ASCII/Unicode art for Texting, Facebook, Skype, email and more



I don’t agree with the placement of Sadist or Ageplayer. But, no test is perfect. == Results from == 96% Dominant 91% Bondage giver 75% Master/Mistress 67% Owner 58% Switch 58% Primal (Hunter) 57% Degradation giver 56% Daddy/Mommy 56% Sadist 53% Brat tamer 50% Experimentalist 44% Pet 39% Brat 39% Vanilla 38% Bondage receiver 30% Primal (Prey) 28% girl/boy 26% Submissive 21% Masochist 19% Ageplayer 16% Voyeur 15% Exhibitionist 12% Non-monogamist 4% All-Rounder 2% Slave 0% Degradation receiver See my results online at Source: Test