Can A Slip of a Girl Find Lingerie Sexier Than This?


A friendly challenge for A Slip of a Girl. Yoshie Gown –   Alluring, intricate French floral nude embroidery, decorated in clusters of solid pink and skeletal black flowers, sits over open net tulle, both veiling and revealing in equal measure. The ‘70s style babydoll gown has embroidered cups with an under-bust seam to hold and support. The puff sleeves feature silk-bound keyholes that fasten with a black tassel button, while the gown fastens at the centre front with black rouleaux and two further black tassel buttons. Source: View All Lingerie by Agent Provocateur – Yoshie Gown

Invisible Boyfriend… He’s Around Here Somewhere…


I do understand the idea behind the Invisible Boyfriend and the Invisible Girlfriend but… Isn’t it like paying for a glass of cool, clear water only to wake up and find yourself still in the desert, thirsty? We designed the beta with you in mind and built in some of the most requested services, including: text chatting, voicemails, handwritten notes, photos, and a personalized story. Our introductory price is $24.99 per month and includes 100 text messages, 10 voicemails, and 1 handwritten note. (New plans coming soon!)

Midget Man Love Doll

midget man love doll

The little man is a turn on for me. Not being a midget, just little, tiny even. You can find a lot of macro fetish photos with giant women but what I like are tiny, little men. Tiny enough to fit into my pocket. So, this man love doll would be interesting but not small enough. They say BIG things come in small packages and Midget Man is no exception. Just add air and this pint size party animal will pump up his pleasurepole and rock y Source: Midget Man Love Doll | the naughty boutique If this were racist … Continue…

The Neatness of Blogging About Sex


The real question is – How do Wookies type with all that hair on their fingers? Once you get past that go ahead and read the questions and answers Kilted Wookie posted for this distinguished award in blogging neatness. To follow are the questions I answered when it was my turn and last – the questions and nominees I’ve passed this award along to. How did you come across your blogging persona? What inspired you to write your first blog? What is your greatest unfulfilled fantasy/dream? What has blogging taught you about yourself? How many “real life” people know you … Continue…