How to Have Good Phone Sex

Phone sex or sexting, isn’t just for professionals. Play with it, have some fun and tease your partner over the phone.

Put yourself in the right mood for it.

Consider running soft music in the background and set the lights low. Actually wear something that makes you feel sexy and in the mood.

Get your equipment ready, I mean your phone.

Power up the battery. Clean the thing off too. You don’t want to be distracted by phone gunk.

Clear your schedule.

Interruptions will spoil the mood and likely cause embarrassment too.

Plan ahead.

Your partner should be expecting you call too, or you should at least be sure won’t be put in an embarrassing situation either.

Whisper or speak softly.

Speaking softly sets the mood in a way you can’t with lighting when you’re on the phone.

Describe, don’t tell.

You’ve only got words so have some great descriptive narration. “What are you wearing?” is just a start. Compliments and affection work well too.


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