Top Sex Bloggers for 2014 from Kinkly

I’m not at all expecting to become one of the top 100 sex bloggers on this list. Can’t say there isn’t a miniscule bit of hope but not based on anything realistic. Still, here for my viewing pleasure… The top 5 on the list (at the moment) and me.. down there at #177 tonight again.

Gracie (who has run Sex Kitten for at least a dozen years) is hoping to make the list. Tonight she was still at #150. I’ve voted for her. Good luck Gracie!

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Vintage Dominatrix in Black Lace

vintage dominatrix

Found on eBay tonight. I like her look. She¬†looks sexy and not posed or any of the traditional porn stuff. Usually they are so posed I doubt they really want to be there or have a real interest in what they are doing. Like any other job you perform for the money. Not her. She’s confident and feels good about herself and how she looks. (At least I hope so).