What Would you Write to Win the Bad Sex in Fiction Award?

Put some thought into what makes a really bad sex scene. Don’t make it too unbelievable, something no one would ever have written, but how bad can you go?

Twisted arms and legs, body parts which move in odd ways or seem to multiply? Words that don’t suit the mood, aggravate the mood or completely bypass the mood and make you want to read something with fluffy bunnies instead?

Write about sex in a bad, messed up way. Play with it.
Idea source: Bad Sex in Fiction Award 2015: What are they and does Morrissey have a shot? | News | Culture | The Independent

His knuckle rubbed her pussy button, giving her a hard on. Once she was really wet, dripping like a leaky faucet, he dived into her crotch shoving deep, mining her with his throbbing, purple pussy eater.

It doesn’t need to be long. In cases like this, short is a good thing. It is fun to write, without the pressure of trying to make it good.

This is not Porn Shirt

Would you pay over $50 for a T-shirt like this? What really bugs me is that the art is stolen. No credit to the artist even. How can sites like CafePress, Zazzle and the rest allow stolen art to be sold this way? If any of these shirts and assorted products sell this person is making money by ripping off art.

The comment is mediocre funny. The ASCII art itself might sell the shirt. But, for $50… I think you can get the same ASCII art printed on a shirt for less, somewhere else.

Source: This-is-not-Porn.-Its-ASCI Long Sleeve T-Shirt by murphylaw