Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Something to do on a long, rainy weekend together? Simple to just write out a list where each number rolled is something sensual. For instance: a tickle kiss on the cheek nipple licking a compliment barely there touch kiss on the lips a long hug light spanking a slow dance strip tease back rub ice cubes These are just my ideas to get you started. Fill in your own favourite things. (Write down where you hid things should you get distracted and forget later). Select 12 items to hide around the house unbeknownst to one another and write out your … Continue…

Relationships Between Men and Their Real Dolls

men with dolls

It seems backwards. To look for comfort, companionship and a relationship with a doll while looking for sex only from actual (physically real) women. Women complain that men just want sex. Women want to find a man who is also looking for a relationship, comfort and companionship. On paper or online men say they want a relationship. But, when (in my own experience) you go on a date with them they really only talk about sex, fetishes, and sexuality. I guess they plan on going home to Dolly for conversation and a cuddle afterwards. So backwards. Intimate Photos Capture Relationships … Continue…

Get your own Robotic Chick


They’re in the news lately, sex robots… so here’s your chance to be the first on your block (or farm) with your own robotic chick. Beat the rush! Baby barnyard animals are cute, but they can be quite messy and just a little stinky. Japanese innovation has begun the process to create adorable robotic critters starting with this baby chick. Watch as it peeps and tweets as it responds to your touch! Source: Robotic Chick | ThinkGeek

Will Sex Robots Leave Human Sex Workers Unemployed?


I began to wonder how sex robots would change things for sex workers as I was reading yet another post about female sex robots and their orifices. For men, it seems sex robots are not very different from sex workers, neither are quite human. Beyond the sex worker issue, however, will the availability of sex robots have a big impact on sex work for human sex workers? I know, people claim men want human interaction. Sex workers say a lot of their job isn’t actually sex. I think it’s all in your perspective of what is sex and what is … Continue…

How to Be a Good Sex-Work Client


Do you know the right etiquette for hiring a sex worker? The final point on this list covers all the others really. To make it simple and easy to remember, treat them with some respect and consideration. Not so different from any other business situation really is it? You may be the client in this transaction but you’re still a guest in someone’s life. You’re only paying for their time and service – you don’t get to be a jerk. DO: Give out your real name and phone number. DON’T: Ask a lot of personal questions. DON’T: Think of it … Continue…