You Won’t Be Disappointed

Why is it that when men say “you won’t be disappointed” you always are?

As found on Craigslist.

looking for a busty bbw 35 or older – 42
I travel all over the city and all day long i see big busty beautiful woman and it drives me crazy, I want to meet one. If you are a busty bbw and youd like to meet a muscular white guy in his 40’s that wants to meet you, say hello. Ive got a great sense of humour and a lot of passion for a very full figured lady.
Your pic gets mine… you wont be disappointed. You will be loved and appreciated.

On impulse I wrote. Cause I am over 35 and I do have a BBW figure. I didn’t suggest meeting cause I’m not living very near Toronto any more. He wrote back this morning and asked for a picture, saying he often comes out to Barrie. I sent a photo along with more about myself. I get a reply back (very short) that I am not his type.

Well, I’m disappointed. If I’m over 35, BBW and busty… how am I not his type?

Men are either just that stupid or just that foolish.

8 thoughts on “You Won’t Be Disappointed

  1. You’re probably far too nice for this obviously stupid idiot..

    He probably has no idea what he thinks is his type apart from the little tarts he has seen online in some porno vids..

  2. The implication is that he is something wonderful. Anyone who is this conceited is probably not worth your time. If he had said, “I hope I won’t disappoint you,” then you might have found him more pleasant.

  3. Of course, when he says he wants an “over 35, busty, BBW”, what he really means is that he wants an “over 35, busty, BBW, who looks 25, is busty by virtue of surgery, and who’s father owns a brewery. Must be willing to sexually and emotionally submit at all times and otherwise live up to the fantasies I have had about all the women I see in the city.”

    Even if you fit the spoken criteria, do you really want to fit the unspoken criteria also?


  4. Well, loquacity and others said it better than me. But I’m curious – were you just looking for a casual sex partner? Because he was. I think that’s fairly obvious. And when that’s the main criteria, it’s usually about looks and not much else. “You won’t be disappointed” really means he thinks, in his not so humble opinion, that he has a large penis. But as they say . . . things appear larger in certain mirrors!

    The way I see it – it’s protection, not rejection.

    I think online dating can be wonderful, but I’d go with or eharmony, not craig’s list.

    Warmly –

  5. @Laura

    I wasn’t looking for a quick screw. I can do that better myself any day. I didn’t read his post thinking he was looking for a screw and nothing else. So I guess I’m the simpleton then.

    Men and women never seem to be looking for the same thing. He really did need to spell it out, be more direct and to the point.

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