Tempting Tuesday

A writing prompt challenge for erotica writers, adult content writers in fiction or non-fiction and sex bloggers.

Each Tuesday I will post a word. You write the story, 300 words or less, inspired by the word. Take your first flash of idea and run with it. Leave a link in the post comments each week so I (and others who try the challenge) can read what you have written. Find inspiration, new writers and new readers too.

Writing erotica isn’t as easy as putting the words together to get the job done. Inspiration is important. So is passion and intimacy. Erotica writers need to feel something for their work, to bring feeling, emotion and lust into it. Without passion erotica is dry, wank material, about as amazing as any other routine task you do because it has to get done.

Wank Wednesday is gone now. I had linked to it and found it the first time the link stopped working, but now the domain is parked/ for sale. I started Tempting Tuesday with the idea I could give erotica and non-fiction adult writers something to inspire them to creative writing (non-fiction is creative too). I want to keep that going.

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