To Collar or Not?

male slave dog collarA collar is a personal choice. It can just as easily be a wedding ring as something he wears around his neck. I like a collar to be something that has meaning rather than just a toy or prop.

Why would you choose to wear or give a collar? What would be the circumstances and what would have to have happened?

Would there be times you would choose not to wear a collar, even if it were asked or expected of you?

As a Dom, what does the collar mean to you? Is it more than a simple form of bondage?

I think there is a temptation to rush into a collar. It is an easy way to claim, give or show ownership. However, this means the collar loses the real meaning it could have had. A collar used for play is nothing like a collar used just to show ownership and commitment to being owned and owner. Real time versus play time.

There is also the difference between a play collar which is easily visible, with extra gadgets and features and then the day to day collar which can be permanent, made to be worn and not removed.