Sexy, Hot, Sweaty Men Serving Food

I’ve never tried a Hooters restaurant and this male version of it interests me even less. I don’t have anything against Hooters. But, I prefer to spend my money where a good meal is the point, not a good body.

However, this Tallywackers with shirtless, sweaty-looking men, is something I’d like to avoid. For health reasons.

The website is dynamic looking (lots of red colour) but from there it’s slim pickings with code problems, text errorsĀ and not enough information.

Tallywackers Bar, Restaunt, Entertainment Venue. Come see the scantily clad male servers everyone’s been talking about!

Source: Tallywackers

Seven or Better?

From Maxim: Check Out The Dating Website For Women Who Only Care About Big Dongs

To become a member (hee hee, MEMBER!), you need to do a few things. First and foremost, get out your ruler and measure your package. Are you at least 7 inches? Great, you’re in. You’re six and three-quarters inches? NOT BIG ENOUGH. You will be relegated to the tiny ween dating site called

Sounds more like it’s a site for men to talk about how great their big dicks are. I don’t know any women who actually want a big cock. No matter what popular culture happens to believe, there is only so much that will fit inside a woman’s vagina. This big cock site is more likely for men and online dating for gay men.