Women Into Horror

No. I would not say I am really into horror. Nothing like these ladies. But, I have thought about writing horror. After all, what is horror but something that makes your senses stand on end and your brain freeze up with fear. For me that describes a lot of things, most of them fairly ordinary and practical like being in debt and getting my newest credit card statement. Not fun. All those kind of desperate and trapped feelings are things of horror to me. Not zombies, vampires and monster-like creatures. I think I could even cope with a live shark in the vast ocean better than the terror of financial madness. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had a fondness for mathematics. I think the shark would be more understanding and human than some of the humans I have dealt with in matters of money.

Someday I may write that horror story of the shark, the deep blue sea and the collections people phoning several times a day. It will give you nightmares!

Anyway, I’m stashing some links I found about women who are into horror here. One of them is not a horror thing so much as a Witch thing. So Sexy Witch comes first, in a class by itself (so far as I know).

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As an extra: