Tempting Tuesday – Red Light

Tempting Tuesday this time is about a red light. Picture this… in the car, stopped at a red light on a city street very late at night, no other traffic. You and your man coming home from a great evening out, all dressed up and feeling very pleased with yourself.

What would you do to really surprise him and let him know what you want once you get him home tonight? (You don’t feel like just going to bed).

Write flash fiction, a micro story of 50 – 100 words, about being stopped at the red light and let the reader’s imagination work out how the night ends.

Tempting Tuesday – Talcum Powder

I like the smell of talcum powder. I don’t have any around. It’s been a really long time since I kept any here. But, I can remember the way it smells and how it can get everywhere and be quite a clean up job if it gets puffed out of it’s container.

Talc is the world’s softest rock used to make a variety of products including soap, fertilizers, antacids, cosmetics, and baby powder. There are lawsuits claiming talcum powder has caused cancer. Of course, everything causes cancer so don’t get too uptight about it all.

What do you think of when you smell talcum powder? No babies for me. My Mother used it but I didn’t. By that time disposable diapers were the accepted norm and those things only cause diaper rash if you leave them on too long after they are wet.

Talcum powder makes me think of hot, sticky thighs. Not a sexy thing actually. I tried talcum powder on my thighs in summer when they would rub together if I wore a skirt. It didn’t work so I usually wore pants. Burning thighs are not so sexy when it’s actual pain you’re talking about, unwelcome pain.  Of course, if you are into pain, try wearing nylon stockings under a skirt and spend the day out walking somewhere. (I don’t know if people with very slender thighs would get the same mileage on that one).

What thoughts or memories does talcum powder bring you?

Tempting Tuesday – Flavour

I’m watching a cooking show and the chef is talking about the value of flavour over the look of the food on the plate. So, for this Tempting Tuesday, the word is flavour.

What does flavour make you think of first? How does flavour work with relations between Dom and sub? Does the flavour matter more than the look of things?

I think the flavour is the depth of the encounter or play versus what people think the play between a Dom and submissive should be. There are a lot of stories, mostly based on fictional encounters. These give a flavour of BDSM which is not the reality.

In your writing, does your play have a real flavour, something based on reality versus something that just looks good on the surface?