Fetish Dollies are Kinky Girls

I’ve linked to Mariel Clayton, doll photographer with a subversive sense of humour before. Tonight I found Nancy Farmer, artist and doll photographer with a kinky sense of humour.

I posted a few links for Kinky Barbie to Sex Kitten tonight. (Have you read the posts in Laura’s Boudoir there before?) The first link I found, which gave me the inspiration to look for more, was a Flickr group for Kinky Barbie and Friends. Have a look at OOAK Barbies too.

It was at Domi Dollz that I discovered Nancy Farmer, her art, photography and her Etsy Fetishdollies shop and a second shop on DaWanda.

About the Fetishdollies:
This is part of a little photography project I’ve been doing for some time. All rather silly, and some of it is quite indecent, but it keeps me off the streets! There is no trick photography in any of this, just patience and handmade accessories. The subject matter varies from merely suggestive, to downright rude but all, I hope you will find, done with a sense of humor.