A Romantic and Sexy Blindfold

Black and white, silky and sensual for use as a blindfold with your submissive. Not too pretty for a man.

A lovely soft satin vintage-inspired sleepmask in a light silvery violet with flourishes of brocade-like dark violet flowers. Bordered by black

Source: Satin Bella Adjustable sleep mask Marielle by lovemesugar

Romantic Rose Ring 

This appeals to my romantic side. Rickson also makes Claddagh rings (her own design on the traditional style). I bought one of those last year. Since then I’ve kept an eye on her shop to see what other designs come along.

This Sterling Rose ring is the perfect gift or diamond engagement ring for that special woman in your life who appreciates unique, alternative

Source: Rose Ring Unique Alternative Engagement Ring by Ricksonjewellery

What Men and Women Want

This is an interesting list. I read it as men wanting forgiveness when they don’t meet a woman’s needs but still expect sex and intimacy in spite of all that.


What women want:

1. Loving devotion in a committed relationship.

2. Thoughtful, honest behavior.

3. Generosity of spirit.

4. Satisfying sex.

What men want:

1. Sex.

2. Freedom.

3. Forgiveness.

4. Appreciation.

Source: The Top 4 Romantic Wishes of Men and Women | Psychology Today

Look at where sex comes in on both lists. If women were getting more commitment, appreciation and romance, sex would be higher on their list too.

Maybe a new Viagra for women isn’t going to change anything. (Just a thought).

On the other hand, reading just the men’s list, they seem to want to be Teflon. Have sex, forget about us, be forgiven and appreciated for… what exactly?

Now men will protest and say I’m unfair. So lets read down the women’s list the same way. Women seem to want someone they can appreciate and then have sex with. Women want a man to be with them, be honest and share life with them – that’s the person they could appreciate and have sex with. Funny that appreciation is at the bottom of the list for men. Don’t men care what we think?

See, it is an interesting list.