Very sexy gargoyle.

thumbs_Joe_Diamond_20Joe Diamond, de son vrai nom Ioana Nestorescu, est une artiste roumaine spécialisée dans les photo-montages fantastiques. Dotée d’une incroyable imagination, elle crée des scènes surréalistes, captivantes, dotées d’une atmosphère unique. Elle a commencé début 2009 et est totalement auto-didacte. Pour en voir davantage, rendez-vous sur DeviantArt et sur son portfolio.

Source: Art-Spire, Source d’inspiration artistique | 20 superbes photo-montages de Joe Diamond

Sexy Monster: Mandragora

The Witches of East End series didn’t make it for a third season. I liked the show. But the mandragora will be far more memorable.

The mandragora love scene in the forest was more than I expected from TV sex. The Mandragora has a tail and he knows how to use it! The hottest thing for me was that tail touching her and then slipping under her skirt to continue touching her, intimately. Tentacles are a turn on… tails too in this case.

Witches of East End: Mandragora


It turns out mandragora is not something entirely made up for the Witches of East End. Mandragoras have a history. But, to make things simple and focus on the sexy mandragora from the show I’ve made a list of what made the monster for this show.

So what is a Mandragora?

  • lives in woods and forests
  • has the ability to cloak itself in order to avoid detection
  • can appear and disappear in a swirl of vines
  • can alter the memories of its victims
  • feeds on sexual energy of their chosen mate
  • mate is put into a trance and called to them
  • possessive and protective of mate
  • green/ blue body of a man, composed of scales but appears to be plant based
  • long, flexible tail seems to be used for seduction mainly
  • blue tentacles come from it’s back in order to feed or attack
  • tentacles inject Dracos Sanguinum (Dragons Blood) into victim’s brain

For those who want more…


“The spirit of mandrake is known as Mandragora and has a twin known as Mandragoro. The mandrake is the only traditional plant of Witchcraft that possesses two distinct spirits and appears in the form [of] a female or male human with plant features. The mandrake spirit serves to link humankind with plant-kind and is therefore a magical bridge to the Greenwood Realm and the space of Shadow from which all mysteries flow. In legend, the mandrake is known as the Sorcerer’s Root and connects its possessor with the Old Magic.”

– Raven Grimassi

Big Boobs

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Monday April 28, 2003  

Want to turn me on? Worship my boobs. You must like big boobs, mine will never fit into a champagne glass. They’re pretty bouncy for the size and age they are too. Breasts, for those that don’t like the word boobs. Sometimes breasts are boobs and other times they are breasts. Tonight is a boobs kind of night.

My nipples are large but not huge. I’ve seen some really huge, kind of gross looking, nipples on porn sites. But, I wonder if they are false, like the monster cocks. Oh come on! Don’t make me laugh!! I think they substitute a horse’s cock in those pictures. It wouldn’t be all that hard to do. Does that make it beastiality?

Oddly, my nipples don’t perk up even when I’m aroused. I think they’re very laid back. They only come to attention when given the proper respect/ worship. If you come out to play so will they. Very contrary of them. But, I completely understand.

Anyway, for the rest of the boobage. Mine are a double D. They get in the way but I adapt. I’ve never been jealous of small boobs but I can see how it would make life easier. Much easier to find a bra too. My favourite bra is a black sports bra cause my boobs fit right in and stay there, no matter what I do during the day. Trust me, big boobs need a reliable bra.

There are times when having big boobs is embarrassing. You can never really tuck them away and become inconspicuous. My boobs always arrive before I do. If I try to turn around and enter backwards my butt sticks out enough to be a second pair of boobs. So that plan is thrwarted.

A lot of men like big boobs. It’s interesting. What do they like about them really? Is it how obvious they are? You can hardly ignore them, it’s easy to spot big boobs in a crowd. But, men only seem to look at them as sex toys.

Or, do men really like big boobs as some sort of icky Mother fetish. Is it me they want to suck on or Mommy Dearest? Do they simply miss breastfeedings? Don’t look at me, it’s not my fetish!

In conclusion, I’ve yet to find a really good use for big boobs outside of sexual worshipping. They could be a good paperweight if they didn’t leave the desk each time I do. They do give all the bra makers something to work on. Don’t tell the bra makers that I’m going braless as I type this and I sleep that way too. Why spoil it for them?