I don’t agree with the placement of Sadist or Ageplayer. But, no test is perfect.

== Results from ==
96% Dominant
91% Bondage giver
75% Master/Mistress
67% Owner
58% Switch
58% Primal (Hunter)
57% Degradation giver
56% Daddy/Mommy
56% Sadist
53% Brat tamer
50% Experimentalist
44% Pet
39% Brat
39% Vanilla
38% Bondage receiver
30% Primal (Prey)
28% girl/boy
26% Submissive
21% Masochist
19% Ageplayer
16% Voyeur
15% Exhibitionist
12% Non-monogamist
4% All-Rounder
2% Slave
0% Degradation receiver
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It Should Not be Lonely at the Top

My reply to a woman who asked for help because she was feeling she could not reveal her “weak” feelings and a need to explore her own submission to her submissive little one in  Mommy/ little relationship.

If your relationship is a good one you should be able to evolve it to suit you. Why not show a “weak” side? Who says it is weak to want affection?

If you have a relationship with your little it should not be just one sided, change things and make sure you are getting what you need from the relationship as well. If it is just a play relationship where you are stuck in a role then it is not enough for you.

Consider finding someone who can be more and have a two way relationship. I find it hard to have that with Dom and sub because people do think it should be all one sided. That is what they show in porn – it is not the reality. Or, it should not be the reality.

A Dom or Mommy or whatever title or role is not someone who stoically gives all and endures. That is a very lonely and one sided thing. It is also boring at some point because you just lose interest in maintaining something which doesn’t give you back what you need. The relationship needs to replenish the Dom in some way. If it is real versus that online play stuff people do. I did online play and it left me feeling used and actually bored because there was nothing in it for me. The whole thing became a routine I performed.

Think about what you need and talk to your sub about it. If she actually does care about you she should be happy to give you what you need. If not, then you need to find someone who cares about your needs as much as she does her own.

If you are locked into a role how can you ever really be yourself? If you can’t be yourself, and if you can’t get what you need to keep the relationship going, then what is the point of keeping it at all? Eventually it will die because you don’t have your full self invested in it and you are not getting enough back from it.

Also, why would your partner not want to be a real partner? Give them a chance to be more and give yourself a chance to have more.

Big Boobs

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Monday April 28, 2003  

Want to turn me on? Worship my boobs. You must like big boobs, mine will never fit into a champagne glass. They’re pretty bouncy for the size and age they are too. Breasts, for those that don’t like the word boobs. Sometimes breasts are boobs and other times they are breasts. Tonight is a boobs kind of night.

My nipples are large but not huge. I’ve seen some really huge, kind of gross looking, nipples on porn sites. But, I wonder if they are false, like the monster cocks. Oh come on! Don’t make me laugh!! I think they substitute a horse’s cock in those pictures. It wouldn’t be all that hard to do. Does that make it beastiality?

Oddly, my nipples don’t perk up even when I’m aroused. I think they’re very laid back. They only come to attention when given the proper respect/ worship. If you come out to play so will they. Very contrary of them. But, I completely understand.

Anyway, for the rest of the boobage. Mine are a double D. They get in the way but I adapt. I’ve never been jealous of small boobs but I can see how it would make life easier. Much easier to find a bra too. My favourite bra is a black sports bra cause my boobs fit right in and stay there, no matter what I do during the day. Trust me, big boobs need a reliable bra.

There are times when having big boobs is embarrassing. You can never really tuck them away and become inconspicuous. My boobs always arrive before I do. If I try to turn around and enter backwards my butt sticks out enough to be a second pair of boobs. So that plan is thrwarted.

A lot of men like big boobs. It’s interesting. What do they like about them really? Is it how obvious they are? You can hardly ignore them, it’s easy to spot big boobs in a crowd. But, men only seem to look at them as sex toys.

Or, do men really like big boobs as some sort of icky Mother fetish. Is it me they want to suck on or Mommy Dearest? Do they simply miss breastfeedings? Don’t look at me, it’s not my fetish!

In conclusion, I’ve yet to find a really good use for big boobs outside of sexual worshipping. They could be a good paperweight if they didn’t leave the desk each time I do. They do give all the bra makers something to work on. Don’t tell the bra makers that I’m going braless as I type this and I sleep that way too. Why spoil it for them?