A Well Kept Man

It’s weird, but this makes him look more like a woman than men dressing up as women.

We get so focused on women being just parts. These parts in particular. I guess when the focus is the same parts for a male I still have the association.

Also, I don’t see all the cosmetics, frills and such as being something that makes a woman.  I don’t wear make-up myself. Does anyone else get that feeling from this image? Or, will I get more comments about how hateful I am? (Still makes me laugh a little).

Source: Mister Kristofer

Gay men BDSM sites often have good fantasy fare. But, overall it’s more fun to watch than to try to do it myself. Something like this would be fun for awhile but… for all the time it would take to get him into this, I don’t think the fun (for me) would be enough to make it worthwhile. Still, leaving him that way awhile (not unsupervised!) would probably give him a lot of subspace time. Especially if he knew I was still around but didn’t know what I was up to. I could be washing dishes but he could imagine I was up to all kinds of more interesting (for him) things. I could have fake phone conversations to really get him thinking, the mind fuck.

TMI: 31 Sexual Favours

This TMI Tuesday let’s play our own 31 Sexual Favors. List 31 unique and exciting sexual activities or services you’d put on your very own tokens that are guaranteed to make you the favorite flavor of the week.

  1. Strip him down and just watch him stand there, doing nothing.
  2. Tie him to my bed frame then tease and torment him while wearing rubber gloves.
  3. Take him out for breakfast, put a bib on him and just smile at anyone who notices.
  4. Have coffee at home. Mine in a teacup, his in his doggie bowl.
  5. Give him a temporary collar, just for one day.
  6. Draw all over him with markers then wash it off when I’m done.
  7. Tie him in the doorway, arms and legs apart, then play with a feather.
  8. Give him a list of domestic duties, starting with making my coffee so I can ignore him while I read a good book.
  9. Have a big cage delivered to the house as a surprise. Then put him in it.
  10. Go to bed and leave him to sleep on the floor, nude but with a blanket.
  11. Take photos of him posing nude in the snow. Snow angels.
  12. Take photos of him at abandoned farm houses, nude or wearing just a leash and collar.
  13. Petting him like a good puppy for half an hour.
  14. Letting him wash my hair and my back in the shower. That is all.
  15. Take him out shopping for new clothes while wearing pink panties.
  16. Show him I’m wearing sexy undies then go out for the day and not let him touch me.
  17. Flash him just for fun.
  18. Flash him in the kitchen when he has important people over for dinner.
  19. Circle the pictures of cock cages in an adult toy catalogue and leave it for him to find.
  20. Tell him, “I’ve changed my mind.” Right before I leave the house. If he insists on more information just say, “We’ll talk about it later.” or “You know what I mean.” or “Have you forgotten or were you just not listening?” if you really want to keep it going.
  21. Lock him into some kind of bondage, then ‘lose’ the key until he really believes you have lost the key.
  22. Try Japanese rope bondage on him, when he’s all knotted up go unload the dishwasher or something else kind of boring and everyday.
  23. Use him for a coffee table (without burning him).
  24. Take my trained sex robot to bed.
  25. Let him pick out panties for me at the store, then buy them in his size.
  26. Tie a pretty ribbon around his cock, with a bow. But, take all day to open my ‘present’.
  27. Examine him. Taking my time and telling him what I’m doing and what will be examined next.
  28. Use a flyswatter to ‘punish’ him.
  29. Play Truth or Dare, by my own unfair rules.
  30. Blindfold him and play with his mind. The mind fuck.
  31. Send him this tweet (found on Twitter yesterday):