Haunted House and Flying Witch Brooches

I went looking for a haunted house I could wear. This one is from a shop called Creep Heart (Ella Mobbs based in Australia). She also has a witch flying by the moon. I especially like both of these brooches. Also, a skeleton with a top hat and a scarecrow too. But, these two (the house and the witch) I like best.

Source: ‘Haunted Clock’ Brooch – Creep Heart Art & Jewellery

Fun with Domestic Discipline!

I fixed the door lock/ handle on the front door today. Feeling pretty good about figuring it out and actually getting it put together and fully functional again. Started me thinking about women doing home repairs and that led to thoughts about domestic discipline. I’d really like to find a man who does dishes, house cleaning, without complaining or expecting it is “women’s work”. Beyond the kinky stuff, I think a man who does dishes and etc would be a stronger type of person, someone capable, who makes his own decisions.

Pretty pink soap even! I like the apron idea more as fashion than feminization. But, pretty pink soap would be more about teasing him.