Good Night Elvira?

Cassandra Peterson has been Elvira, Mistress of the Dark for 35 years. A pretty amazing feat for a woman to “hold her looks”. But, Cassandra Peterson has been about more than just her looks, right from the start.

Elvira is a character with charisma, adventure and fun. I couldn’t tell you many people involved in the horror entertainment industry, some writers, and the actresses who played Mrs. Addams and Mrs. Munster. But, once seen, never forgotten when it comes to Elvira. She was more than a vampy TV host. She still is.

“I don’t think women should have an expiration date, [but] unfortunately, some things don’t hold up as well as others, so there is a thing about playing a particular character — my character is based very much on the sexy, so continuing to try to be really sexy until you’re really old might not work,” she says. “Humor definitely takes the edge off of it, because if you’re self-deprecating, you can still be sexy, and it’s sort of OK, as long as it resonates that way with the fans.”

Quote from Boing Boing.



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