Outdoor Sport for Dommes


This could be fun.

Summer is coming. You could always fill these with water and have some kind of outdoor fun with a naked submissive man. What are the penalties if he breaks the condom? What are the rules about how fast he’s allowed to move to avoid the condom?

Have fun. Nice of Condomania to pick a dozen pretty colours.

Condonmania offers a sampler of flavoured condoms.

Not only are the flavors and scents great, the condoms are brightly colored to match. This sampler includes flavors: apple, banana, chocolate, cherry, cola, grape, mint, orange, vanilla and strawberry, mint chocolate, fresh mint, island punch, strawberry chocolate, bubblegum, and banana split.

Pride Before the Tumble

This Wicked Wednesday, which of course, I’m doing on Friday because I just thought about it this morning… the word is proud.

His pride suffocated everyone else in the room. On and on, his voice became a steady drone about himself. So proud, so intent on making sure everyone knows about it. The award he had won clenched in his hand as he waved it about while he spoke.

I noticed when he began to realize people were no longer hearing him, trying to avoid him. His face changed then. He got quiet and somehow even quieter once he sat down at his table to find everyone else had moved their name tags elsewhere. It was sad to see him then. Pride is like acid when your bubble is burst.

The award had meant a lot to him. Being a good sport, a good winner, isn’t so easy when you aren’t used to winning.

I didn’t like to see him deflated this way. I prefer a man to be human, versus the blow hard he had been when he was still so full of his own pride. However, this wasn’t just pity I was feeling. He was hurt, like a wounded little boy – except he wasn’t a boy. There was no pout to his expression, no sour grapes or signs of being a spoiled brat. He was just sad. Sitting alone, taking it like a man.

Being the sort of woman attracted to men… I joined his table.

He looked up but didn’t speak. Good, a little humble was a good thing. I smiled, a slow smile as if I had all the time in the world to move my lips upwards. A friend claimed my slow smile made me look like a shark in red lipstick. I was feeling a bit like a shark now.

He smiled back, just a touch of self-depreciation. I liked it.

Rising from my seat at the table, letting my curves speak for themselves as I walked away, I left my room key for him to pick up. These little games of seduction are fun for the not knowing – not having a plan with all the finer points worked out.

Of course, I’m not into taking too many chances. We’ve been married long enough for me to know he can’t resist my slinky red dress and my shark smile.

BDSM Flashers

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Thursday June 24, 2004  

A BDSM flasher is a story in a hundred words or less, with a BDSM theme or topic. Of course there are standard flashers too, I don’t mean streakers. Just stories about general topics. Flasher, in this case, means it has a very tight word limit. Not all that different from writing haiku which has a limit of syllables, rather than words.

Can you do it? Think of it as a writing exercise. If you think this is too easy try cutting the word limit in half, you sadist. It does have to tell a story with a beginning, a middle and an ending. Just writing a short scene won’t cut it.

Here’s mine. As done for the BDSM Scribes http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BDSMScribes/ email list.

“Take off your clothes, little man.” She circled him, grinning wickedly.

His skin tingled, anticipating her first touch. Squirming, breathing in short gasps, heart pounding, craving her domination, he hovered at the edge of jerking himself off.

“Do you really know what it means to be mine, slut?”

“Yes!” He said, feeling almost mad with heat and need.

“It means I can play any games I want. Or, I can send you home, right now.”


“Yes, little man. Go home. Obey.”

So he left, without his clothes.

She sent an email. Tomorrow his real training would begin.

Now it’s your turn. I know some of you are writers. See if you can top me. *evil grin*