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What are you (really) like in bed?
Discover your sexual persona and learn how to make it work for you Shy little flower
Okay, you’re a little self-conscious when it comes to the bedroom. But that’s OK – there’s something sexy about women who are a bit more buttoned-up, and you can work that starting point to your advantage. For one thing, it will be easy to surprise your guy – he won’t even know you had it in you! Toronto’s Rebecca Rosenblatt, a certified relationship and sexuality therapist says that if you’re too shy to say what you want out loud, hit the books. “Find an erotic story, technique, position or game in a book and mark it for your lover. If he doesn’t want to try that one, he just moves the bookmark to one he’d rather try. The book goes back and a forth a couple of times and soon you’ll end up with one you’ll both enjoy.” And of course, there are always toys, but if you’re too embarrassed to go to a sex shop, Ottawa-based sex therapist Sue McGarvie says that your local grocery store will do the trick. “Shy women need to start slowly,” she says. McGarvie’s suggestion? Pick up a flavoured oil or chocolate syrup, dab it on eight spots on your body, and then ask your man to find them all with his mouth. The catch? You’ve told him there are 10 spots. What have you got to lose?

Flirting fundamentals
Friendly, funny or down-right sexy—what’s your flirting style?
A friendly flirt
You appreciate how effective an upbeat attitude, hearty laugh and afternoon of football watching can be when it comes to winning over the object of your affection. The over-the-top sexy approach just isn’t your style. You prefer to befriend your crush and get to know him in his own environment.
The danger of this, is that you can end up becoming “one of the guys,” and let’s face it, that’s a hard image to break.
Try going out on a limb for that special someone by adding a bit of vamp to your virtuous flirting style. If you really show him what you want, there’s no way your crush will confuse you with one of the boys.

Quiz: Your perfect mate

Take our quiz and we’ll set you up with the perfect mate—even if only on paper
Class clown
Your type can have the whole room laughing within minutes of arrival. He’s always got a story or a witty comment. No one can say a bad thing about him and he’ll lift your spirits whenever you need it.

Things to watch out for: When it’s time to get serious, this guy may have trouble. He lives life in the here and now, making planning challenging.

Get your SexScope

Sagittarius Self Portrait: You’re a bit of a tomboy, but that doesn’t mean you’re only interested in being one of the guys. Not a delicate flower or shrinking violet, you’re solidly statuesque, athletic, voluptuous and outspoken. An adventurer at heart, you love your freedom and won’t give it up quickly for a stable partnership. You will commit to a fellow traveler — a foreigner, ideally — who’s comfortable living out of a backpack; if he’s looking for a happy homemaker, though, this man’s not for you. You begin each relationship the same way you start all of your projects — with high hopes, honorable intentions and good humor. Unfortunately, you’re often disappointed by your partners’ lack of faith. But you bounce back quickly thanks to your innate optimism, and then you’re on to the next adventure.

Turn Ons: A challenge. You don’t want a man to play hard to get, but you want him to encourage you to conquer new goals as an individual and as his mate. If a guy’s willing to be domestic, he can take care of all the tasks you simply don’t like to do.

Turn Offs: Any kind of negativity. You’re always up for whatever’s new and whatever’s next. While you may need a reality check occasionally, you don’t want a man who will bring you down. If he does, he’s out.