The Posts I Wrote for Sex Kitten (2003 – 2004)

I’ve been writing for the Sex-Kitten network since 2003, took some time away from it and then started up again. The old content has been pushed into an archive (which you can find it you look for it but no one would know to look). So, I am reposting it to my own blog, with this post to connect them all. (I wanted a good excuse to try out some of the series plugins for WordPress too).

The following posts are both fiction and non-fiction. They were written at a different time in my life and some of my opinions and ideas may have evolved since these were originally posted. Not much though. I’ve always been pretty true to what I really believe – only my understanding changes as I see the facts differently. The fiction, of course, is just fun. Fun to write and I had fun reading it again and remembering when I wrote it.

Inspire Yourself
Young Cock versus Old Stud
Pussy Fingers
Flirtation, Seduction and Foreplay
Pushing It
You look mahhhvelllouss!
Real Women

My First Divorce
Death by Dreaming
House of Music


Tempting Tuesday – Red Light

Tempting Tuesday this time is about a red light. Picture this… in the car, stopped at a red light on a city street very late at night, no other traffic. You and your man coming home from a great evening out, all dressed up and feeling very pleased with yourself.

What would you do to really surprise him and let him know what you want once you get him home tonight? (You don’t feel like just going to bed).

Write flash fiction, a micro story of 50 – 100 words, about being stopped at the red light and let the reader’s imagination work out how the night ends.