What’s in a Name for Sex Writers?

Of course I use a pen-name with this blog. I don’t feel the need to change that. Any time I do consider using my name I remember the feeling of having someone recognize in public and expect me to be who they thought I was. This blog is personal but it is not everything I am. I’m a quiet person, not so much private, but quiet. I don’t enjoy talking about sex and focusing on sex exclusively. I am interested in so much beyond what you read here. But, this is what it is and where it is. It’s a limited edition, literally.

Should you use an erotica pen-name? Or should you create a new writing persona for your erotica?

Source: Erotica pen-names; should you lie to your readers?

Female Anatomy Does not Work that Way

It is interesting to read about a man who wants to share his slutty stories with random women met via Craigslist. Not likely he is the only one, maybe it’s something new that is working for some of them. But, I don’t have a lot of faith in his stories when he does not seem to have a basic knowledge of female anatomy. Or, did not take the time off wanking to proofread. Still, it’s the thought that counts. But, no, I didn’t ask to read them.

Tempting Tuesday #8

This week for Tempting Tuesday…

There are times when you just don’t feel like writing anything erotic. Those are not the best times to try. You may not need to be panting in lust while you write erotica but you do need to at least be interested enough to have some feeling of passion for what you are writing, while you are writing it.

What is the most boring sex scene you can imagine? Something someone could only have written on a day they REALLY didn’t feel like writing something erotic.