Play Dress up with BDSM Barbie

I like the creativity of dressing up dolls in fetish clothing and situations. I have made tiny clothing for dolls before, even dolls smaller than Barbie. It’s tricky and nitpicky to get the details right and all those little stitches. I guess some people will use glue rather than sew the outfits. I didn’t.

Posing dolls is a fun hobby. Not everyone brings the fetish and kink into it. But, it does add an element of The Perils of Pauline (damsel in distress).

The photos here are from Tears of Desire, which makes and sells fetish wear for Barbie. Only two items available right now. Likely requests could be taken for more.

Latex doll dress is handcrafted from .040mm black latex. Outfit includes 1 black latex mini skirt, 1 black latex tube top and 2 black latex arm

barbie collarSource: Doll 4 pc Latex Mini Dress skirt top and arm by TearsOfDesire