Being a Domme isn’t About Being Worshipped

Being a Domme isn’t about being superior or worshiped. I think it’s about him knowing his place and we both like him there.

I think it’s one of the things women tend to forget too. I don’t know if any/ every woman could be a Domme but I tend to think it is there in each of us. But, it’s a balance of finding what really does please us versus tipping the scale and doing what he wants to make him happy. I like to be myself, so being worshiped isn’t going to work for me. Not that I would get a swelled head but I just would lose that feeling of being me.

Married Men are Overlooking their Perfect Domme

bored while spanking
Married men online looking for a woman to dominate them… has it never occurred to these men that they already have the perfect woman to dominate them?

They say they want a woman to enforce chastity and not let them have sex. They want a woman who makes them do things, like clean the kitchen on their knees. They also don’t want to consider her real needs or desires.

Aren’t these men already married to their perfect Domme? She does not want to have sex with them. She would be quite happy if he did more around the house. Also, she is used to him not really considering her needs.

I suspect the only thing missing is the costume. How many wives would dress up if their husbands paid them $100 or more an hour?

The Domme is Technosexual



I find this erotic on different levels. This is why I think there is such a thing as Dominant little girls, it’s the closest phrase I’ve seen to describe it. In reality, I don’t think any man or woman is all dominant all the time.  Especially when I know what a nice feeling it is to lean back and let him please me.

The image came from Tumblr, no credit to the original source. Too bad, I’d like to see more.