Bloody Boring Rubbish

I’m tired. What a boring post. There are lots of things I could write about but I’m just too tired. Bloody, boring, rubbish. Just go read something else.

Did I mentin my plan to go downtown in Toronto and attend a BDSM munch on the 6th? I don’t really want to go anymore. I don’t feel enthusiastic or hopeful. But, it will be an adventure. I could write about it all in agonizing detail for the adult BW column.

What I’d really like is to meet someone, a guy who isn’t a dickhead. A guy who really wants a woman in his life and not just someone to play games with. I’m so tired of being disappointed and lied to, one way or another.

I’m a good person. I’m a nice girl. I’m cute. Dammit! I deserve more than a dickhead and I deserve to find someone who can put as much passion, creativity and honesty into loving me as I can give to him.

Bite me!