Men Who Assume Make An Ass of Themselves

My reply to a note on The man wrote a long email (form mail of course, just cut and pasted from an email he likely sends to any female Dom on the site). In his email he went on about how he would serve me and how well he would serve, etc. I did not do more than give it a quick skim. I don’t see the point in putting more effort and time into reading it than he gave in sending it to me. As if sending form mail is not annoying enough, it really does tick me off that men assume I am some cardboard cut out and have no individuality what so ever.

In order to send a note like that you assume a LOT about me. Instead you could have written a personal note in order to get to know me. I do not find this sort of email at all flattering. It is actually insulting and shows that you are not at all submissive as you are already trying to tell me what I think, what I want and who I should be.