Candy Play

Hada Pixie wrote a post about candy play on FetLife. Does that give you ideas? She was writing about using Twizzlers which are medium length licorice strips. They split them to be thinner and then used them as floggers.

I did see someone illustrate the idea of using candy canes as insertables over the Christmas holidays. I wondered about leaving the wrapper on versus having it off and getting that sticky sugar in places that aren’t so easy to wash. The wrappers on candycanes are usually that harsher plastic that would scratch tender areas. I think they would have to be wrapped in something else before being used. Something that would not get lost.

What other candy play ideas might be out there? I couldn’t find any other use for candy in play. I will try to think of some. I like using ideas of my own rather than the standard plan or ideas of others. I like when it is my own. 🙂