BDSM Flashers

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Thursday June 24, 2004  

A BDSM flasher is a story in a hundred words or less, with a BDSM theme or topic. Of course there are standard flashers too, I don’t mean streakers. Just stories about general topics. Flasher, in this case, means it has a very tight word limit. Not all that different from writing haiku which has a limit of syllables, rather than words.

Can you do it? Think of it as a writing exercise. If you think this is too easy try cutting the word limit in half, you sadist. It does have to tell a story with a beginning, a middle and an ending. Just writing a short scene won’t cut it.

Here’s mine. As done for the BDSM Scribes email list.

“Take off your clothes, little man.” She circled him, grinning wickedly.

His skin tingled, anticipating her first touch. Squirming, breathing in short gasps, heart pounding, craving her domination, he hovered at the edge of jerking himself off.

“Do you really know what it means to be mine, slut?”

“Yes!” He said, feeling almost mad with heat and need.

“It means I can play any games I want. Or, I can send you home, right now.”


“Yes, little man. Go home. Obey.”

So he left, without his clothes.

She sent an email. Tomorrow his real training would begin.

Now it’s your turn. I know some of you are writers. See if you can top me. *evil grin*

Sex with a Man Body

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Friday August 27, 2004  

The best part of sex is the ache. The craving, the need, the feeling that your pussy wants it, now.

Once you get over that hump (aren’t words fun) it’s all downhill. You rest, you wait and maybe you take matters into your own hands (literally) and get a round two.

What makes you ache for sex? What makes your pussy need it? Is it an odd little fetish? Is it seeing a hard cock or making a cock hard? Is it just not getting any for awhile and… wanting it like a cat in heat?

I’m ornery tonight. Sometimes that’s a good thing. It makes thoughts come in more sharply, or less humbly and polite.

If you were tied to the wall in a darkened room, your eyes covered and someone began making lust to your body, would it matter if it was a male or a female? If you’re bisexual it wouldn’t. What if you were straight or queer. Yes, your body could get caught up in the moment, reach that sex ache stage and you likely wouldn’t care whose hands were on you as long as they stayed there, doing a good job.

What about afterwards, when the lights come on? How would you feel, really?

I went to a munch (a casual BDSM dinner party) and I was asked how I knew I wasn’t bisexual. She asked me about the scenario above. It was interesting. But, I know I’m not bisexual. I don’t feel that need to have a woman’s body that I do for a man’s. Maybe it’s a thing leftover from my relationship with my Dad, a need for male approval. Or maybe I just lust for man hands over my body, all over. (More in some places than others). I don’t feel romantic about women either. We can be friends but I’m not aching to have them tied to my bed begging for mercy.

How do you know you’re not bisexual? Or, how do you know you are?

Me and My Magical Little Clit Button

Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Wednesday September 17, 2003  

His hands were like manacles, grabbing at her, pulling her back towards his muscular manly chest. In her ear he whispered, “Isn’t this the start of a cheesy romance?”

Yes, it could be. But, I’ve saved you! Don’t you feel pleased if not pleasured?

Why did I even write the above, is there any point to it? Not especially. I was just thinking of men’s bodies and the parts I like best. The different things men can do with those parts and how I’d like them to do them.

Back to reality, out of the cheesy romance mode. *Sigh* What a waste of a perfectly good cheesy romance type fantasy.

Are you really still here? Maybe you’re just curious to know what men’s body parts I was thinking of?

Hands, chests, arms (lower and upper) mainly. I’ve recently realized I prefer chests that aren’t too hairy. I always thought I had no preference and then some guy came into the store without a shirt and I got all turned on by his nice smooth chest. I took a mental picture to play around with later. No, later, not right now.

I love a deep, manly voice. I’m sure I’ve typed that in here at least once before. (It’s almost like ordering from a catalogue). Dark hair, maybe blonde if it’s not that silly fake looking blonde. Well, OK, I guess I’d even give a redhead a second glance or three. So, hair colour doesn’t seem all that important. Of course, it’s nice if he has some hair but I can get over that if I like the rest of him.

If I wasn’t so tired tonight I’d probably be getting more into this and back to the cheesy romance.

Well, I can always get back to that. I just have to post something here and go to bed. All by myself, just me and my magical little clit button.