The Irony of Trying to be a Slut

Senior Columnist

Posted on: Sep 23, 2004 22:31
Men are confused little creatures. You meet one for an intimate encounter and all he wants is companionship. Of course, he’s married and has a companion right there any time he wants. He doesn’t want sex though he’s in a sexless marriage.

Then there are the single men, the dating trolls. They want sex, so they say. They don’t want companionship. However, if you actually give them a chance they change their mind and don’t want anything.

Having a cock must pull down on the brain cells and cause malfunctions in both heads. Men have no logic. If you truly want one just keep him in a cage and use as desired.

Ideal Sexual Partner

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“Laura, your ideal sexual partner is a Type 4.

A Type 4 partner radiates warmth and love. They are affectionate during sex and will rarely shy away from telling you how they feel about you. This is someone you can always rely on to be honest and sincere, since sex is the ultimate expression of their trust in you.

Both physically and emotionally, a Type 4 is a sexual explorer. Orgasm is rarely the driving goal with this person and because of this, they are likely to be creative and able to take you places you may never have expected.”