Haunted House and Flying Witch Brooches

I went looking for a haunted house I could wear. This one is from a shop called Creep Heart (Ella Mobbs based in Australia). She also has a witch flying by the moon. I especially like both of these brooches. Also, a skeleton with a top hat and a scarecrow too. But, these two (the house and the witch) I like best.

Source: ‘Haunted Clock’ Brooch – Creep Heart Art & Jewellery

2 thoughts on “Haunted House and Flying Witch Brooches

  1. I love Halloween, so Halloween jewelry is a definite treat. The only difference between our tastes is that I would probably prefer something that is just creepy in and of itself, as opposed to having a cute Halloween theme to it. Maybe like a antique pocket watch for a guy or genuine cameo brooch choker for a lady?

    • I seldom wear jewelry. I wear one ring, not my wedding ring any more. It’s one which I posted here and bought for myself too. I like it because it’s old fashioned but with a modern design (not too modern). I like jewelry with history, even if it’s something new. I like a cameo style. I really like rhinestones with a lot of colour and sparkle too. I have several holiday brooches for Christmas, Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day. Several dragon brooches and necklaces. Most of it stays shut away in my jewelry box. I like looking at new brooches but I just look. Posting them here is a way to remember them, admire them, without the shipping costs.

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