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I don’t know what great advice I have on the business of erotic writing since I haven’t had a great deal of success. I write a column for an adult website, freebie. I also write a newsletter about Sex Blogs for that same site, freebie too. I’ve been writing there since 2002 but it hasn’t brought me fame or fortune.

I did have some success. I sold one short story for $100. That is my only erotic fiction sale. I also won a writing contest for one of my stories, Laundry Day from the Different Loving website. That was awhile ago, the site isn’t there now but Gloria Brame is still selling her book. I don’t have a book to sell.

So, if I had advice for people writing adult content it would be to stick with it in a strong way. Be persistent. Be consistent too. Look for other formats where you can get your name out but don’t sit still and think that will be enough. Your name won’t get known unless you make it known. Write for well known sites. If they turn you down send them another story and another. Be the writer you want to be, don’t wait for it to come to you.

I’m going to work harder on it. I don’t think I want to commit myself fully to being an erotica writer and leave it at that. But, I could be doing more with it as a sideline. I have a some experience, some fan mail and some contacts. It’s up to me what I make of that. Same for anyone else who wants to get into the business of writing adult content.

Good luck. Get back to the Erotic Fiction Blog Carnival and see what someone else has to say.

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