Wet Dreams

Reposting an erotic story I wrote in 2005. I wanted to write something about a succubus, so I did.

Wet Dreams

Max was cold. Calling a succubus had seemed like a good idea at the time. That was hours ago now. Lying naked on the floor, his alter of sex toys around him, waiting and yet dreading that some mythological creature would come for him. He felt like a willing victim to his own sacrifice. But, he was willing, more than willing after eleven years of celibacy. Even now, just lying naked on the cold floor, his cock was rock hard, pointing straight up and even angling back. No man in the world was more ready for sex right now than Max.

Nothing seemed to be happening though, other than his own growing arousal. There was something about preparing yourself for kinky sex that made you need it all the more. Just lying down in the midst of his altar had brought him to full arousal and kept him there. Thinking, half dreaming, of having a succubus appear and begin taking his body was almost enough to finish him off. But, he wasn’t quite there. He wanted more than his own thoughts, his own hands stroking the well known patterns over his cock. He wanted a woman, even if she wasn’t entirely real or at all predictable.

He’d looked up information about succubi on the Internet. Some sites seemed to consider them basically harmless, sexual beings who brought pleasure in exchange for energy. Then there were the stories of sexually draining their victims and leaving behind lifeless husks that were once human. Somehow, Max believed the more harmless and pleasurable version. His feelings were based on nothing factual, just a feeling.

Tonight seemed to be a write off though. He was very much alone in his cell. The clock showed quarter to four in the morning. He dared not remain like this much longer. If anyone saw him they’d bust a gut laughing and likely torment him about it forever. Max knew how long forever was, he was experiencing it.

The cold floor had leeched most of the warmth out of his skin by now so Max was surprised to feel warmth flood over him as he stood up. It felt like he had just wrapped himself in a quilt, fresh from the dryer. Strange, must be something to do with how cold he had let himself get on the floor. He put away his sex toys, back into hiding. Grabbing a cloth, he wiped his Pagan circle off the cell floor. Now there was no trace of his night time ritual. Too bad it hadn’t worked.

“You called me.”

A soft female voice whispered into his mind. No one was there, he was as alone as before. Yet he had heard it. Maybe it was just a trick of his tired brain.

“You called me.”

This time he knew it wasn’t a mistake. He felt a woman’s body brush against his own naked back. Warm fingers trailed over his shoulders, down his sides and made swirls over his belly. There they met his straining cock and circled it, gripping tightly. That was not his imagination.

He looked down and saw her fingers. Slender, little womanly fingers wrapped around the shaft of his cock. It took every bit of his willpower to remain still and not cry out. No way did he want anyone waking up and coming to investigate. No way did he want to startle her away, now that she was here.

“You called me.”

She slid a silky skinned leg between his own, her thigh pushing his own thighs apart. Then she leaned into him, the top of her thigh pushing into the bottom of his ass cheeks. He heard a female purr of sound then she slid her leg back down, stroking her thigh up and down between his own. His cock was now jerking in her hand, more than ready to shoot off. But he held back. He just needed to know he wasn’t dreaming this all. He had to know this was more than his own fantasy.

“You called me.”

She said it again, as if in answer to his thoughts. He turned his head to look back, needing to see her face. All he could see was shining, curly chestnut hair. She pressed her face into his back and began nibbling his skin. Her fingernails teased over the skin of his belly while the other hand rubbed his own wetness over the shaft and head of his cock. His hips pumped into her hand. His balls ached for release but still he forced himself to hold back.

Then, one of her warm little hands cupped his balls, held and gently squeezed him and he was lost. His orgasm shot out, followed by aftershocks. When he came back to his senses he was again lying on the floor, drained yet still warm with afterglow. Max expected she would be gone but she wasn’t.

Now he could see her, really see her. She appeared very real, almost glowing with vitality and life. Her hair was dark and reddish, her eyes were deep blue and her bare skin was the colour of a pale peach. Overall she was incredibly soft, warm and vibrant.

“You called me.” Her voice was just a whisper of sound. She didn’t speak with her mouth but she did smile at him. She just faded away, like light leaving a room. Where she had been standing was only darkness and the glow of his clock radio. It was exactly 4:00 AM. He washed himself off, cleaned up as much as he could in the near darkness and went to bed for the couple of hours left.

She came to him again in his dream. This time she suspended him in mid-air above his bed and she rode him. His cock deep inside her hot pussy, her thighs gripped his hips tightly, a snug fit without the bed getting in the way. He was unable to move, unable to reach out and touch her breasts, her hair or taste her nipples. He wanted to, very badly, but she denied him any movement. He watched her breasts bounce and her hair sway as she rode him. He was only able to pant, moan and squirm under her. She rode him through three orgasms, his, not hers. She never orgasmed though she was very tight, wet and pulsing around his cock the whole time. After his fifth orgasm when he felt he really couldn’t endure any more attention from her, when his balls felt raw from over use, she bit him. Nothing much, he was so completely drained he almost didn’t notice. If anything he’d say it was a love bite. Something changed in him though. He didn’t have time to think much as he was deeply asleep while she was still straddling his body, floating back to the bed below.

He woke up to a bucket of ice water being poured over him. The prison guard glared down at him. “This isn’t a hotel. What the hell’s wrong with you this morning?” Then he was alone. Max dressed quickly and started his day. His body was sore and stiff all over. He dragged himself through the day, having no energy for anything. All day he felt protests from his muscles as if they hadn’t been used in years. There were no marks on his skin, other than the love bite.

That night he waited, hoping she would come again and yet not sure if he could survive if she did. When he slept she came to him again. This time she aroused him, stroking his cock, balls, back, belly, thighs, every bit of skin on his body with soft strokes from her fingers and hair. She caressed him all over, gently. Teasing him to the point of madness, till his balls felt so tight they could be rolled as marbles and his cock was like a gun with a hair trigger. How she kept him from orgasming he didn’t know. Max felt his balls tighten, ready to shoot, countless times. But, each time he was denied. He woke up in the morning feeling even worse than yesterday and extremely frustrated and easily annoyed all day. His cock was of course rock hard and even the coldest water in the shower had little effect on his hard cock or his blue balls. This time he hoped she wouldn’t come again.

He stayed up reading a book he didn’t much enjoy. But, after a whole day of walking funny he was finally beginning to feel a little ease as his cock softened a bit and the blood was able to flow to other parts of his body. The time was nearly 3:00 AM when he felt he might be able to get to sleep, if he really tried. He turned out the night light, put down his book and got as comfortable as he could manage.

She came again, in his dream. This time she almost seemed to sympathize with him. There was no sex, she just snuggled up with him under the blankets. Her hand gently stroked his cock until he orgasmed, once. She stayed after, letting him kiss her and caress her body. He held her, sucked her nipples, ran his fingers through her long hair and over her soft skin. When he would have dipped his fingers in her pussy she pushed his hand away. But he felt the heat coming from her, like a space heater he once had in his home office. There was no sign of her in the morning. He had a much better day, feeling more like himself and yet far better than he had in eleven years.

Max didn’t have another visit from her. He had decided she wouldn’t be back or was just a really amazing wet dream. Some nights he would get to sleep early, hoping for another encounter. He began to lose weight. The doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. He just seemed to be draining of life. They thought he must have some kind of cancer but nothing could be found. He was sent to the local hospital, then moved to a bigger one for more extensive testing. He was a mystery to them all. At the end of a year he looked like a walking skeleton, his hair was falling out, his eyes were kind of glassy and unfocused and his nails looked yellow and brittle.

That was when she came go him again. She looked even better than he remembered. He was such a dried up husk of a man he couldn’t even get an erection. She didn’t try to seduce or arouse him though. She just smiled and said, “You called me.”, as if to remind him of a promise made. Dying wasn’t so bad, it didn’t hurt at all. Max’s last thought was how much he would have liked one last wet dream with her.

Laundry Day

Laundry Day
Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Monday April 22, 2002

Chris stood a little back from the wooden fence and watched the children walking to school. Most walked in pairs he noticed. Some carried lunch pails or books. Many had those backpacks slung over one shoulder. He was grateful they were too busy laughing and watching each other to notice the naked man tied to the clothesline in their neighbour’s backyard. The fence with its thick, angled boards worked well to hide him. Chris sheltered behind the fence, knowing he was not invisible. He could feel the blush rise in his cheeks each time one of the kids looked in the direction of the fence.

If he stretched his neck he could just manage to see his Governess inside watching the early news with her second coffee. Unfortunately he had spilled the first pot, all over the bed, soaking the sheets. She ordered him to strip himself after he stripped the bed. As soon as he made a fresh pot of coffee, and served it properly, she instructed him to go outside exactly as he was. The locking collar was around his neck, a chain of paper clips were threaded through the ring in the collar and then around the clothesline. The paperclip chain was a test of his obedience. Of course, he could “escape” any time if he chose to. But that was not the point nor was it what he really wanted. He wanted his Governess’ control, her dominance, sometimes she found ways for him to prove to himself (and show her of course) just how much he wanted it.

He was out here, feeling very exposed, until the sheets were washed and dried to her satisfaction. He wasn’t sure if she planned to machine dry them or put them on the line. He was hoping she would decide it was too chilly yet for them to dry outside. At the very least, he could hope she would want his help in making the bed. Chris smiled thinking of making the bed with his Governess and sometimes unmaking it before it was ever made.

Inside he heard the washing machine finish. His Governess was watching something about a cougar at the local Zoo. Chris almost dared to get a branch he had noticed at the far end of the clothesline and use it to tap on the window. However, she would probably just ignore him. As Chris watched, the last of the school kids turned the corner and were gone. That gave him one less thing to worry about. The morning seemed to be warming up slowly. His goosebumps were fading slightly, or perhaps he was adjusting to the colder air. A few birds were still chatting in the trees. They were probably wondering if they could get the shrinking worm hanging there on that ridiculous naked man allowing himself to be tied to the clothesline like a dog.

His Governess’ appearance startled him from his thoughts. She carried the laundry basket with the freshly washed sheets. “Hang them on the line while you are out here Chris.” She laughed and put the basket down in his reach.

Chris tried his best sad little smile, hoping for some sign of sympathy, maybe even a reduction in sentence, no such luck. “I’ll bring you out a coffee,” She said, already turning to go.

“Its cold out here, Governess,” Chris called after her.

“You aren’t blue yet Chris,” he heard her laughing as the door closed behind her.

He was hanging the fitted sheet when she brought a steaming, hot coffee in his dog bowl and set it on the railing of the deck. “Poor doggie, you are chained up too tight to reach your dish if I leave it on the ground for you. I wouldn’t want to be accused of animal abuse or neglect so I will leave it right here for you my little doggie. Drink while it’s still hot.”

“Thank you Governess,” Chris said, trying out a sad puppy look.

“My little Chris, you have no idea how hot it is making me to have you tied up naked out here. I’m not even sure just what it is I like especially. You can be sure we will be doing it again.” She grinned, running a hand over his bottom cheeks.

Chris dreaded the idea of having to expose himself outside again. Already he was thinking the sheets couldn’t take more than half an hour to dry and surely it would be over then. He planned to stay indoors the rest of the day, once she finally let him get inside of course.

“I’m picturing how wonderful it will be to have you out here doing your yard work like this. How nice it will be to have nothing between your skin and my line of sight as I watch you sweat, strain and work outside. I do believe you will get lucky today little Chris, outside once I release you from your household duties. How lucky you spilled that coffee after all. This is turning out to be such a yummy day.” His Governess had that sparkle of mischief and fun in her eyes. Chris felt pleased to have pleased his Governess so well, yet the method of it left him feeling less than pleased.

Watching her all but skip back into the house Chris felt safe to grimace. He looked up at the sky, but it was getting clearer and bluer and warmer, not much chance for rain today. He hung out the pillowcases and pulled the line out to leave the sheets fluttering in the morning breeze. The coffee was still hot. He drank it gratefully, feeling the hot liquid pour down his throat leaving a trail of warmth.

Inside he could hear his Governess tossing in another load of laundry, washing the breakfast dishes and bagging up garbage. She almost missed the truck. Those were all his usual jobs, but he was rather tied up at the moment. At least she hadn’t forgotten garbage day; it wouldn’t have been pretty in the garage if it all had to wait until next week to be picked up.

Peeking through the fence, he could see her chatting with the men at the end of the driveway, probably laughing about nearly missing them. She was wearing a long denim dress now. It covered her well but the neckline tended to slip off her shoulders. He could see one bare shoulder now. A surge of annoyance flickered in him as he thought the garbage men probably noticed the bare shoulder and knew she was braless. If she was braless, she was most likely pantieless too. Chris consoled himself with the fact that the garbage men couldn’t know that just from seeing one bare shoulder. Even the bare shoulder could just be a slipped strap though less likely for a woman with his Governess’ large breasts. Those beautiful, firm, round, soft breasts with the perfect rose pink nipples… Chris wasn’t feeling the chill quite as much now. He was feeling something all together different.

The supersoaker hit him mid-chest. The attack of warm water made him jump a foot in the air at least. He had been so distracted he hadn’t even noticed his Governess approach with the huge, well- armed supersoaker. She aimed lower this time. Wetting his already wet cock.

“My, my Chris what were you thinking,” she laughed and shot more water at his cock. “What a naughty boy you can be. I can’t imagine what could get you so turned on about sheets flapping in the breeze.” With a last shot of warm water at his bottom this time, she indicated another load of laundry dumped in the basket. “Bring the sheets down and then you can hang out the next batch. How nice it is to have a laundry man to fold and fluff and guard the line of ash too. You never know when the laundry marauders could swoop down and cart it all away.” Laughing, she held her arms out for the sheets and pillowcases as he took them off the line and folded them for her.

Again, she left him. This time he was exposed and aroused and feeling more like some old pervert than he ever thought he could. Not that 37 was old, not over the hill or even half way. He had his health and now with his Governess keeping him on her unique fitness plan he was looking pretty good, so what if his belly wasn’t as flat as it was at 20. Governess seemed to like it, she nibbled on him and rubbed and kneaded him during sex. Sure he would rather be some God-like perfect man for her but she never showed any sign of not wanting to play with his belly or the rest of his body.

Chris sighed as his arousal grew. He really > did need to think about something else. She would be sure he was enjoying his exposure if she saw him aroused all day.

Chris finished the lukewarm coffee from his dog dish. The second batch of clothes was hung and drying. There were denim jeans this time. Not a good sign for his early release from the clothesline. Peeking in the window again he looked and listened for some sign of his Governess. It seemed quiet in the house. Would she have gone out and left him? She did like to take her walk in the morning. Dare he take advantage of that for a quick trip to the bathroom and a hot shower? He listened, hoping to hear something. Hearing nothing gave him hope, though it could be very misleading if she was working on the computer in the spare room. Chris waited a little longer.

Hearing nothing after what seemed a long time, he decided to take the chance. By now his bladder was badly in need of relief. He could wait for the shower if he had to. Although a hot shower would feel indecently good after standing outside most of the morning. Chris unclipped two paperclips and set himself free. He felt extremely naughty, a truly disobedient boy, as he quickly dashed across the grass and into the house. He waited, just inside the door, listening. Hearing nothing, he headed to the bathroom. The supersoaker hit him in the small of his back this time. “Freeze!” ordered his Governess.

Chris stood still; past punishments for disobeying her orders flew through his mind. Governess did not make punishments pleasant. “I really need to pee Governess. Your little boy just couldn’t wait any longer, I’m sorry.”

“OK Chris, go into the bathroom.” She followed him in.

“I will be right out again Governess,” Chris said a touch anxiously.

She pushed firmly on his bottom until he was standing in front of the toilet. “Hold your arms out from your sides Chris.” She took his cock in her hand and pointed it at the toilet. “Pee now,” she ordered. Chris felt a blush begin down at his toes and consume his whole body. He wasn’t sure if he could pee with her holding his cock. However, need took over and thoroughly humiliated and miserable, he let his Governess help him pee. When it began to trickle down she asked, “All done little man?”

“Yes, thank you Governess.” Chris managed to say. She took a square of toilet paper and dried the end of his cock. She took her time, playing with him, accidentally-on-purpose rubbing her thumb over and over the head of his cock.

“Now little guard dog, you should get yourself chained back out there and if you are really good I will bring you another load of washing. This time it will all be delicates. That should give you some interesting thoughts while you wait for it to dry.” She held his cock using it as a leash to guide him out of the bathroom and back outside. “How would you like me to fill your doggie dish with water again? Are you really, really thirsty for more, little Chris?” She laughed at the horrified look Chris wasn’t able to hold back.

“Bring in any of those clothes that have dried before you chain yourself again.” She left him standing outside the door. When he heard the tap running in the kitchen, he went on his way quickly.

It seemed hours later, watching her bras and panties tease him from their lofty perch on the clothesline. He couldn’t help but cop a feel of a few of the just washed undies. His fingers smoothed over the silky cups of her bras, pressing in the centres where her nipples would poke out at him, always teasing him. The feel of her washed and still damp panties excited him, he became hard very fast. He had found one pair with a trace of her scent still on them. He hung that little silky treasure out last, nearest to his paperclip chain at the end of the line.

Time passed, the sun warmed the yard and dried even the thick jeans. The panties were long dry by then; he missed them though he could almost fool himself that the smell yet lingered on his fingers. His cock was fooled. He was still stiff and quite ready for some time alone with his Governess and her soft round body, naked under that dress. Chris groaned, trying to find something else to concentrate his attention on.

“You have been an excellent laundry guard dog today little Chris. Though you are not so little in some places.” She giggled.” Chris has a stiffy, Chris has a stiffy, Chris has a stiffy,” she chanted, tormenting him and laughing at his blush.

She unchained him and he felt his cock bob in appreciation. Having her take his chain and lead him was doing almost as much for his arousal as the panties had. Her domination, being owned by her was brought home to him in a big way. He was beginning to feel desperate for her to use his body, to take his cock, her cock really.

“Please Governess your little boy has been good today. Could I have a reward, please” Chris asked.

She led him to the sunniest corner in the back yard. “Kneel down on the grass Chris. I have been watching you all day, from the windows and the screen door. You have made me very wet. Just thinking of you naked and chained outside has made me want your services little man.” She pulled her dress over her head and off in one smooth movement. She was deliciously naked as he knelt before her.

Chris could only answer with a groan. His Governess’ pussy was right in front of his face. He could see the damp curls. He could lean his face into her and taste them if she would allow him to. He wanted to so very, very much. Struggling for control he said, “May I serve you now Governess?” He looked at her pussy, inhaling the scent so close to the source, wanting so much to hold her hips and ass as his tongue plundered, tasted and sucked deep inside her hot juiciness.

She stood closer to his face, pressing her pussy up to almost touch his lips. Standing before him she opened her legs and said, “Serve me little man.” She dug her hands into his hair as his face began to burrow into her warm dripping pussy. He put one hand on her bottom to steady her and used the other to open the lips of her pussy wider for his penetration. Through his own noises he could hear her moans of pleasure and desire. She was driving him over edge too soon. He had to draw back.

He was panting heavily as he looked up at her face. Her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back, her lips slightly open. She noticed his absence from her pussy and ground herself against his face. His own hips humped once, twice, his control almost gone. Still, he held his Governess and lowered her to the grass, opening her legs wider and playing with every fold and bump inside her pussy. He sucked and nipped at her nipples and gave her body caresses in all the places he knew would most arouse and excite her. Then, only when she finally asked for his cock did he enter her pussy. He nearly came before his first thrust inside her. Her legs wrapped tightly around him, forcing him deeper. She again lifted her hips and ground her pussy onto his cock. The little whimpering sounds she made robbed him of his last ounce of control and he pumped into her hard and fast. In his mind he was begging her to cum with him, knowing he was so close he could reach out and bite it. Just as his control slipped and he felt his balls tighten and begin to spurt their load inside her he felt her body tighten and pulse around him, cumming a second before he did himself.

Much later, after a shared shower and a dash out into the gathering darkness for the forgotten laundry on the line, they sat cuddled together on the couch. “Next time you play hookey from work I’m going to have you do yard work in the nude.” She grinned up at his blushing face, then took his hand and led him away for a bedtime story that would last long past his bedtime.

Cherry Brandy

Cherry Brandy
Originally Posted to Adult BackWash: Thursday April 11, 2002

This is a story I had published a long time ago. I haven’t had many published. I don’t like to write the real icky porn that seems to sell. There aren’t a lot of paying markets for other erotica.

Happy reading.

Cherry brandy, just the drink for an old virgin on her ‘big night’. She laughed, lifting the bottle to her lips again. She was over thirty years of age and untouched, as they say in the old days when men were knights and pretended to follow a code of Chivalry. Her head was looser, only a little off kilter, pleasantly so. Her body felt as if it didn’t fully belong to her wasn’t fully under her control any more. That was probably a good thing. After all, how long was it healthy for a normal red-blooded woman to keep her virginity. What was the cursed thing for any way, but to lose or give away to the first good talker?

It was a hot day. The sun beat the humidity into her skin, filling her lungs with steam and making her want to submerse herself in a pool of icy water. What was talking him so long anyway?

She lifted the hair from her neck, holding it above her head, feeling the deliciously cool air against the back of her neck. The rest of her body was already naked, hot sweaty and nude. If she let herself think about it she would feel very exposed and vulnerable. But of course, she had already decided to stop thinking. No thoughts allowed until the next day when her cherry would be officially popped.

She brought the cherry brandy to her lips again. It was smooth and not overly sweet. The drink of virgins! She giggled thinking of the red liquid being poured over her skin in some ancient pagan ritual of sacrifice. Though they would only want young virgins, those with smooth, soft skin never touched by the light of day or the half-light of night. She wouldn’t qualify; she had skinny dipped once before.

Stroking her fingers over her breasts, she felt how numb they were becoming. She pinched her nipples and laughed when she could hardly feel her fingers on her nipples, yet she could feel her nipples and the tension growing in her vagina. She reached down, stroking her belly along the way, when she found the little bud she pushed back the hood and caressed her exposed soft clit. Now the warmth of the cherry brandy had competition. She ground her hips into the mattress he had left her on. Her thighs tensed and her toes curled into the sheets. Who needed a man when she could do this herself anytime.

Still, she was here waiting, just as she had agreed. All this planning and waiting just to have some slut of a man stuff his cock inside her. Why wasn’t the vibrator enough? She had full control of it. She could ease it in slowly or push it in only half way until she began to come and then feel it filling her as her body clenched around it. She could come right now if she wanted to.

She had promised not to though. He had insisted she come to his hotel room and make herself comfortable (which meant nude and in his bed) while she waited. She wouldn’t have bothered for any mortal, ordinary male. He made her want to. He was all Dom, real Dom, the kind of male who made her ache to submit to him. To have him tell her what to do, when to do and how to do. No other man had made her need him. She was desperate for him.

If she thought about it, while stroking her clit, she could already feel his hot, hard cock filling her, pushing deep and deeper inside her. Rubbing against the tender areas, pushing against the limits of her pussy, stretching her. She squeezed her pussy tightly wanting him in there, pumping his cock so deep inside her. Never before had any man made her need his cock inside her.

She arched her back, pressing her ass and shoulders into the mattress. She needed that cock. But mostly she needed him to command her to take that cock. To let it in, let it fill her, to let it pump inside her untouched body, making her more wet and desperate than she could imagine.

Why was he so late? Why had he ordered room service to leave a bottle of cherry brandy in the room? Was he being cute? He hadn’t seemed the type.

Her pussy was leaking out its juice. It coated her thighs now. He could come in the door and not even need to say a word; she was already ready for him. More than ready, perhaps past ready. If he took too long she could do it herself and leave, having enjoyed the hotel room and come too soon. She laughed softly, still rubbing her throbbing clit.

He was taking too long. She could feel her pussy awash in juice, ready to come at the next small breeze. But it wasn’t enough, she had come here to have a cock filling her, stuffing her pussy full and pumping inside her. He told her his cock was thick, not too long. A long cock was uncomfortable, too much like the vibrator which pushed against her cervix deep inside her body. She wanted a thick cock, that was all that mattered. A thick cock to fill her, to open and stretch her. A thick cock to make her a woman and not a virgin any longer.

Damn him for insisting she not bring any toys. She could pump that vibrator deep inside her pussy now and be done with this ache and the wetness flooding from her throbbing, pulsing pussy. She opened her eyes and looked around the room for a tool. Anything to fill her to satisfy the building, desperate ache. The only thing she could see was the cherry brandy in her hand. At least he hadn’t sent a small bottle. The neck of the bottle was about three inches thick and long enough to fill her. The bottle was still half full. She chugged a few more swallows and put the cap on, tight.

No need to lubricate this puppy, she laughed to herself. The bottle fit nicely, comfortably into her hand. She guided the cap to the lips of her inner pussy. The wetness let it slide in almost without thought. She felt the ridges of the bottles neck slip past her first lips. She pushed it inside, deep and deeper still. Holding her thighs together she could feel it slide all the way in. All the way inside her throbbing, aching, desperate pussy. It wasn’t thick enough. But it felt better. It filled the space she needed filled. Now she rubbed it in and out, stroking all the tender, needy areas of her pussy walls. It felt so good!

She felt the orgasm building. Her pussy was so wet! Her sheets wouldn’t be stained with virgin blood but her own pussy juice would mark them, wetting them, making slick wet spots. She twisted her bottom over the sheets feeling her wetness already dripped down onto the hotel’s clean white sheets. She pumped the bottle in her pussy, thinking of all the words she wanted the Dom to say to her. His encouragement as she did things no proper virgin would ever do. Things only a male would ask her to do.

The door opened. She came. He sat on the edge of the bed watching her. He smiled. From his fingers he dangled bits of chains and leather, teasing her.

“I think you are ready to begin now my new little virgin pet.” He said.