Fetish Dollies are Kinky Girls

I’ve linked to Mariel Clayton, doll photographer with a subversive sense of humour before. Tonight I found Nancy Farmer, artist and doll photographer with a kinky sense of humour.

I posted a few links for Kinky Barbie to Sex Kitten tonight. (Have you read the posts in Laura’s Boudoir there before?) The first link I found, which gave me the inspiration to look for more, was a Flickr group for Kinky Barbie and Friends. Have a look at OOAK Barbies too.

It was at Domi Dollz that I discovered Nancy Farmer, her art, photography and her Etsy Fetishdollies shop and a second shop on DaWanda.

About the Fetishdollies:
This is part of a little photography project I’ve been doing for some time. All rather silly, and some of it is quite indecent, but it keeps me off the streets! There is no trick photography in any of this, just patience and handmade accessories. The subject matter varies from merely suggestive, to downright rude but all, I hope you will find, done with a sense of humor.

Dolls in Peril, Sometimes Porn

Flickr: Dolls in Porn
Flickr: Sexy Female Dolls
Flickr: Sexy Cartoons and Dolls World
Flickr: Sexy BJD (Ball Jointed Dolls)
Flickr: Too Sexy it’s Naughty – Dolls
Flickr: Dolls Sexy by Lingerie and Swim Suite
Flickr: Sinfully Yours: Erotic BJDs
Flickr: Sexy Figures
Flickr: Sexy 1/6 Dolls
Flickr: Pullips are so Sexy
Flickr: Manara Dolls – Sexy Dolls
Flickr: Naked Dolls
Flickr: A Little Intimate
Flickr: Sexy Pullips
Flickr: The Plastic Lady
Flickr: Doll Naturism
Flickr: Sexually Attractive Dolls
Flickr: Pullips are so XXX
Flickr: Sultry Dolls
Flickr: Sexy & Attractive Taeyangs

Naked dolls, sexy dolls to dolls in porn. The most interesting thing about this as a fetish (as I’m thinking about it tonight) is the submissive versus Dominant nature of it.

The dolls are inanimate, completely. They have no voice in what happens to them. They have no way of escaping, protesting, or preventing what happens to them. Kind of the ultimate non-consensual fetish. But… dolls are just plastic, toys really.

Do any of the people posing these dolls think about it as a fetish? I’d say the doll porn types might. But, porn is kind of a selfish/ self centred thing anyway.

The groups I found on Flickr are a range from posing dolls in sexy ways, to posing dolls nude (but not rude) or going all the way and posing the dolls in pornographic (rude?) ways.

I like posing dolls for photographs. I tend towards the dolls in peril, it’s fun. Yes, it’s probably playing god on my part. I probably am taking advantage of an inanimate object, well… they are inanimate after all. Kind of like posing anything made out of plastic: a grocery bag, a pop bottle, a hairbrush, etc.

But, it would be different if it weren’t a doll. There would have to be consent, likely negotiations and all that kind of politeness and consideration of another human being. It does kind of spoil the fun of just being evil and wicked for that little short time. There is a thrill to being wicked. It helps when you know there won’t be any repercussions. Well, maybe a few odd looks from passersby on the street if you pose them in public.

Does this mean I’m satisfied with little or I’m just getting even more anti social than I thought?

Anyway, I haven’t posed the dolls in sexy ways. Actually, I use two small Bratz dolls (wearing unremovable plastic clothing). There is only so far I go with them.

One odd twist to this doll posing fetish are the groups which have chosen the dolls sexuality.

Flickr: Sapphic Plastic and Flickr: Gay Toys

As weird as it may be to see a doll as something sexual, to see a doll as something sexual with a gender preference is taking it farther into giving the doll a real identity and not seeing it as a plastic toy any more.

Wikipedia : Anthropomorphism

Playing with Barbie

Playing with Barbie
Originally posted to Adult BackWash: Wednesday October 23, 2002

Why don’t men play with Barbie dolls? Isn’t that what they really dream of? There she is big tits, ass and teeny waist, all done in good quality plastic without the expense of a surgeon. Barbie never wants to go out. She doesn’t care if you talk nicely to her or if you even talk to her at all. Barbie will wear whatever you want, as often as you want. Barbie really is the ultimate woman for a lot of men.

Her biggest drawback is that she is short and kind of limited when it comes to sex. No wonder some men buy those blow up dolls, life sized Barbie with convenient holes. Three of them as far as I can tell. Blow up Barbie travels well too. Let the air out and pack Barbie into your shaving kit. Just watch those sharp objects.

Barbie’s worst nightmares are fire and sticky stuff. Fire is pretty self explanatory. But, imagine an unwashed, sticky, crusty blow up Barbie. It’s not like you can expect that girl to do any self maintenance. She will never shower herself off, brush her hair, patch up her leaks. Poor blow up Barbie, she’ll never be someone you could take home to Mother. Luckily, she is easy to replace. If one blow up Barbie gets mangy looking just buy a new one at the adult store.

Men with a few dollars to spare could really go to town and have two blow up Barbies. Isn’t that every man’s other fantasy? You could use elastic to rope those Barbie babes together and let them at each other. What a wild night that would be! Just don’t let Ken know the address.